Mary Mullin and Denis Lennon

(I'm very sorry for my poor English !)
I have read a book about an eloping couple, boarded at Queenstown. That book is called "I died on the Titanic" by Monica O'Hara-Keeton, and is about ..."a fascinating investigation through hypnotic regression". The book tells the story of a Lucy Latymer, who might have boarded Titanic at Queenstown with her friend. The couple might have named themselves Mary and Denis Lemon (or Lennon ?) and acted if there were brother and sister.
Is there anyone out there who have this book too and want to give comment about it ? Or does anyone has any knowledge about this Mary and Denis Lemon (Lennon ?). I am looking forward to any reaction.
Marc De Bruyne, Belgium.
There's no need to apologize. Your English is better than most of the people that graduate from high school here in California.

I noticed your guest entry on this subject awhile ago. I read "I Died on the Titanic" last year and had a hard time finishing it. I'm very skeptical of hypnosis in the first place, especially in this case when it was done by O'Hara-Keeton's own husband. It seems more like coaching to me or hocus-pocus.

But I am reminded that strange, unexplainable things can happen -- like Morgan Robertson's writing of "The Wreck of the Titan" 14 years before Titanic sank.

She did not just jump on the bandwagon to publish a book during the recent Titanic mania. She has been a student of the Titanic for quite some time. I've got another interesting book she wrote (as Monica Harding O'Hara) in 1989 called "Hands Off The Titanic" in which she analyzes the hand-writing of various people connected to Titanic.

michael quinn

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The Irish passenger named Mary lennon was actually Mary Mullin. Dennis Lennon wasn't her brother but her lover. The couple were eloping to escape those who frowned on their relationship back home. Local legend states that Mary's older Joe brother gave chase to the young couple with a loaded revolver just missing them at the quayside at Queenstown. He is said to have banged his fists on the railing as the tender took its passengers out to Titanic. Mary was 18 years old and Dennis 20.
More information is given in Senan molony's excellent book "The Irish Aboard Titanic"