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Elaine Barnes

Does anyone know what became of Mary Sloan following the disaster? Walter Lord reports that she "vanished" when the Carpathia reached New York.


I would love to know. My maiden name is Slone, but no matter how it's spelled, we are all related in some way. I just found out last week about this Mary Sloan and am very interested in finding out something about her. I have been doing genealogy lately and there are many, many Sloans, Sloanes, and Slones in my generations. If anyone can help me with any information on her, please email me at [email protected].
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Angie Slone Lucas

Sue Taylor

Hello. I am a new member with hopes of finding information on how to obtain a copy of a hand written letter which a Mary Sloan wrote her sister, Maggie. I have discovered some old post cards written to my great grandmother from her sister, Mary Sloan from Belfast, Bangor, Ireland. These old post cards have been hidden away since 1937. They also had a sister named Maggie Brown. I would like to compare the handwriting to confirm this is the same Mary Sloan that survived the Titanic. If so, I have more information to share.

Arne Mjåland

Oct 21, 2001
Have you read the story written by Sam Sloan
(http://www.ishipress .com/maysloan.htm) about the mystery of Mary Sloan, Titanic survivor?
Mary Sloan wrote letters to her family while she was on her way back to England on board the Lapland.
What happened to her afterwards was a mystery, but Sam Sloan had posted on the internet some postcards with were written by someone with the same or a similar name to her sister or aunt Annie Sloane: m/marysloan.jpg and m/maysloan.jpg.
Aug 3, 2005
Does anybody know what happened to Ms. Sloan after she went back to England with the S.S.Lapland?

Ms. Sloan also wrote many postcards to someone in Ohio, does anybody know who it was?

Did she ever marry?
Did she have children?
When did she meet Thomas Andrews?
(because in the movie S.O.S Titanic 1979,TV, they knew each other)

Please write me any information, photo, anything you have...

Thanks and God bless,

[email protected]
May 12, 2009
...Correct me if I'm wrong, but did Stewardess Mary Sloan board collapsible D? I need it for a little project I'm doing... Thanks a lot in advance! :)

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