Question Maschinen-Telegraphen auf der Brücke


Feb 26, 2021
Halle/Saale - Germany
Hallo, auf einem Foto habe ich VIER Maschinenetelegraphen auf der Brücke gesehen. In der Bauanleitung eines Models sind sogar FÜNF Telegraphen eingezeichnet.:cool:

Meine Frage: Wieviel Maschinentelegraphen abe es wirklich auf der Brücke? Wenn es mehr als drei waren, wozu dienten diese dann ....
Besten Dank im Voraus :) :):) :):) :)
Nov 14, 2005
Your Welcome. It's not my place to say but that's never stopped me before...LOL. I think the owners, mods of this site want people to post in English as it would drive them crazy to try and deal with 140 or so different languages. But I knew what you were asking so provided a link. But I often have to use a translator program myself. There are many out there for free on the internet. Some better than others. Sure you probably know that already. One I have bookmarked that is not too bad below. Haben Sie einen guten Abend.
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