Master of the Titanic

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Melissa E. Kalson

I read a post on here somewhere under 'Books' about two books - 1) Master of the Titanic by Pat Lacey and 2) The Man who Sank the Titanic? The Life and Times of Edward J. Smith by Gary Cooper. Does anyone know where either of these books could be found? I would love to have a copy of both of these books. I would appreciate any help at all. I have tried doing searchs for rare and out of print books and have had no luck. If anyone knows the ISBN numbers of these books or the publishers I could try that route. Thanking you much.. Melissa
Oct 13, 2000
Hi Melissa,
both of these titles can be found on the British book sites, with Lacey's book being in-stock, but Cooper's book requiring a special order. check out:

William H. Smith online:
and UK online:

FYI, Cooper's book is a biography, while Lacey's book is a fictional story of the captain's life.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T
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