Maud Sincock

Maude was my great aunt. My grand father, Gordon B Sincock, was her brother. He told the story once when visiting, and I have never forgotten his getting choked up while telling the story!
I am Rosemarie Ilott Davies nee Sincock the grandaughter of William John Sincock whose eldest Son William John emigrated to America about 1920.   The family lived in Penzance Cornwall and we have been tracing the family tree.   We know that Thomas Cotton Sincock was in America and had a son Cotton Sincock.   William John Sincock Jnr's family live in E. Strousburg Pennsivania.   We would be interested to know if there is a connection.   We were under the impression that there were not many Sincocks but have been overwhelmed to find them all over Cornwall.
Do you have any information regarding Gordon B Sincock.  My brother is Richard Gordon Sincock but changed his name to Williams.   We were both born in Penzance to Albert Raymond Sincock brother to William John Sincock who emigrated to the USA and lived in E. Strousburg.Pen.


I am trying to find if/how Maud Sincock was related to my mother Rosina Hette Elenor Armitage? In 1947'ish she came to visit us from Canada and I had to call her great auntie Maud and claimed to be a surviver of Titanic sinking.