I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but does anyone know why the Molly Brown character was renamed Maude Young when other historical figures such as Smith, Lightoller, The Astors and The Strauss' kept their names?

I still love the "Pay a thousand dollars to ride on the greatest ship that was ever built and three days later somebody pokes a hole in it!" line.

Just curious.
I always preface some of my postings with the old Will Rogers quote: "All I know is what I read in the papers and that's my excuse for ignorance.

With that in mind.......I'm sure a lot of us are curious about that and a lot of other items in the movie.

In the first place "Titanic" (1953) isn't exactly remembered for its historical accuracy.

In the second place the movie was made before Walter Lord's book of "A Night to Remember" came out so some of the details are a bit fuzzy, to say the least....However, ANTR came out only five years later after "Titanic".

One opinion was that some of the members of the families of the historical figures such as Mrs. Brown were still around and were not included for fear of libel or slander.

Also Andrews, Ismay and others were not in the movie for the same reason. There was a person named Sanderson in the White Star organization but he was seen only briefly at the beginning of the movie and then leaves the ship before she departs Cherbourg...no historical record of this either.

My favorite lines are:
Richard: I have plans for Norman.
Julia: What plans ? To grow up to be you ?
Richard: Possibly . I'm satisfied.

Dan Kappes

Apparently Molly Brown's name was changed in the 1953 film, but in the 1997 film, they kept her original name.

Did her family members die between 53 and 97? If they did, filmmakers would no longer fear using her real name, which explains why her real name is in the 97 film.

Yet her real name was also used in the successful musical and movie The Unsinkable Molly Brown with apparently no objection from the family members if they were still alive at the time it came out in the 60s.

Why would they object if her real name was used in the 53 film? 1958's A Night to Remember got around this problem by not naming her at all. At least her real name is used in the 97 film, as it should be, we need to remember the real names of important historical figures.
I would have to re-check it to be sure but I don't remember Mrs. Brown's real name - Margaret - being used in the 1997 movie.
The only line I remember was "the Old Rose" line : " We all called her Molly ."
I read somewhere that "Molly" only came into use after the musical..
Of cause all of the above is "hearsay evidence,"
I could be wrong ???
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Dan Kappes

Old Rose quote:

At Cherbourg, a woman came aboard named Margaret Brown. We all called her Molly. History would call her the "Unsinakble Molly Brown".

I've read somewhere that she was only called Molly by very close friends, and only after her death was Margaret Brown really remembered as the legendary and famous "Molly Brown".