Mauretania Construction Photograph Detail

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Hi All,

I could not sleep so I played around with this Mauretania construction photocard I have. I had it scanned at a good size and re-exposure and with a little further Photoshop it looks fairly good. The protective coverings are in place on the props and the people looking around provide a good sense of scale.


Extreme detail of an original anonymous photocard of the Mauretania's stern on the stocks, The Neptune Yards, Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Wallsend, Newcastle. Taken in Late August or early September 1906; Restored Digital File (C) EKL/Eric K. Longo Collection

I did. I wonder how many other photos like this are sitting in some dusty boxes in attics just waiting to see daylight?

From the looks of the standing ways which appear to be freshly built, this had to have been taken fairly close to launching day.
I didn't know that the propeller blades were ever covered. Why were they covered? They're so big, I'd have thought that in the short time from when they're installed, to when they're in the water, they could take care of themselves?
>>Why were they covered? <<

To protect the sharp edges from being damaged. It can happen quite easily in a shipyard and even the most trivial damage can have a noticeably detrimental effect on performance.

Ellen Grace Butland

No safety gear in those days. None of those men were wearing hard hats or safety ropes etc.
I think the props were covered to protect their edges in case they were struck by something in the water.
Yes Eric thank you for sharing that great image of Mauretania's screws. I also enjoy the Mauretania images featured in LINERS authored by R. Fox (Huton-Getty picture collection). Particullary the new 18-ton refit screw and stripping & painting the rudder 1924. By no means was Maury's rudder undersized. And Ellen, I agree with your noticing of no safety gear...the ladders looked so precariously dangerous.

Michael Cundiff

Great shot if you go back to the Mauretania (I) fitting out and launching thread from awhile back you will also see a nice stern shot taken around the same time as your image.

Upon closer review the prop's are also covered,

I need to find the card and get a good scan of it I have several more around somewhere.
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