Mauretania end of service

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Just a thought, but it might be a very good idea to be very careful about cleaning any of this up. Arranging for professional conservation and restoration may well be tough on the bank account, but that doesn't mean one can't ask how to do it right. As old as these fittings are, it would pay to be careful with it.
I will probably sell the curved piece of lounge cornice as i don't have anywhere to use it but it will only go to a good home where it won't be cut into smaller pieces for a profit . The panelling and ceiling will be installed as a room at home. The panelling has a few areas of lifting veneer but under all the dust the original polish needs a light revive to bring it back to life. The columns have been a bit nibbled by woodworm but new wood can be spliced in . Have no fear Michael I'm an antique furniture dealer for my sins so all the work will be done in my workshops and they know how highly i think of these fittings although they question my sanity.
Great pictures Adam! It's always great to see these fittings in the hands of good owners who treat them with respect to their historical significance. I think everybody here knows how disheartening it is to look on ebay and see fittings from the recent Haltwhistle Olympic auction hacked to pieces just for a few dollars.
Dear Mr. Gratwick,
Please contact me at the address provided in my signature line regarding Mauretania's demolition and your panelling. Not looking to buy anything, just would like some information about the panelling.

Thank you sincerely,
Eric Longo
Thanks Adam,
Will pop in to see the sale. Hope all is well with you and your wonderful collection of Mauretania stuff!
All the best,
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