Mauritz Håkan Björnström-Steffansson


Jan C. Nielsen

The late Carl William Ackerman, formerly the Dean of the Columbia School of Journalism, wrote an unpublished manuscript on this Titanic passenger, which includes information on his experience aboard the Titanic. It's available at the Columbia University Library -

Has anyone happened to look this up? What does it say?

This library has a file on Charles C. Burlingham, the attorney for the Oceanic Steamship Navigation Company. It also apparently has some information on the mysterious "C. Altschul," who tried to contact Dr. Washington Dodge by wireless message (while Dodge was aboard Carpathia) to inquire about the fate of Edgar Meyer.

Arne Mjåland

I looked up the file Jan mentioned. I think many of you will contact the Columbia University to see this huge amount of information about Steffansson. Freelance journalist Ulf Ivar Nilsson, Gavle, Sweden wrote a long artice about Steffanssons sucessful investments in New York in a Swedish newspaper in 2000. His adress is [email protected] Nilsson had made his research about Steffasson at the Kungliga Biblioteket (royal library) in Stockholm.
Steffansson had a mansion house near Kalmar, Sweden, which he used to visit every year until 1961. He prepaired for another visit to Sweden just before he died in 1962, but did not make it.

Arne Mjåland

Have any of you seen the huge material kept about him at the Columbia University in the City of New York?
Carl William Ackerman Papers on him ca. 1910-1962 is kept in the Rare book & Manuscript Library there.
Size of collection is 4 linear ft. (ca 700 items in 9 boxes). It was gift of the estate of Douglas V. Ackerman, 1980. It is available for faculty, students, or researchers engaged in scholarly or publication projects.
Carl William Ackermann (1890-1970) Columbia University B. Litt. 1913 Dean of The Columbia University School of Journalism from 1931 to 1956 spent from 1960 to 1962 researching and writing a biography unpublished of Hakan Bjornstrom Steffansson 1883-1962 the Swedish-American industrialist and financier. The collection deals with all aspects of his life including his eaarly career in America after 1909, the Swedish and Canadian paper, wood pulp, and cellulose industries, cultural and socoal life and New York City real estate in the 1920s, his escape from the Titanic in 1912, and genealogical notes on the family of his wife, Mary Pinchot Eno.
Steffansson had a huge estate in South of Sweden which he used to visit every year, probably last time in 1961.

Randy Bryan Bigham


Actually I was told about this collection not long ago by someone who teaches there but I had no idea the collection was so large. Looks like a gold mine for an ambitious biographer.

There are several such collections on prominent passengers in archives which few researchers seem to know or care about.

Thanks for sharing the information. That's why this forum is so valuable. People engaged in so many facets of research meet here and freely share their work and ideas.


Daniel Klistorner


Another member on this board had posted a similar note about this collection quite a while back. I had tried to contact the university, but never received a reply. I did try a few times too. I guess one just has to live close to be able to view it themselves.


Titanic fan

Hello,,,Many days ago,,I saw a dream that I was jumping into a lifeboat which and had landed safely and after that everything went dark..... SUDDENLY I saw the picture of Mr mauritz hakan bjornstorm steffanson and it is quite fascinating that he survived by jumping into collapsible boat d and that....his mother's surname is in the middle and I have got my mother's surname in the middle too.....this are the similarities....can it be that I can be him in my past life or related to him?,,,,, Thank you