Measles on Titanic 3rd Class

May 20, 2017
Hi does anyone have any information of a measles out break on Titanic in 3rd Class please. I have recently spoken to a survivors relative who says some children were isolated in Their cabins because of this.
I am researching children on Titanic at the moment
Caroline x

Harland Duzen

Jan 14, 2017
According to Carpathia's Hungarian Doctor Arpad Lengyel (those job was to look after 3rd Class Passengers) he stated that after arriving at the Cunard Pier, among the survivors who left were 2 children who had caught Rubella in Europe. Apparently after Carpathia resumed her voyage, a child onboard catched it and he believed the child had caught it from one of the young survivors.

Whether he was correct or not is uncertain as Carpathia frequently travelled to and from the mediterranean where passengers would often catch foreign diseases, but it's possible.

Source: "Voices from the Carpathia: Rescuing RMS Titanic" by George Behe (Page 107)

Hope this is helpful.