Media Coverage Today And Yesteryear

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Don Tweed

May 5, 2002
I would like to know how the impact differed between now and then.
Today, it comes at you like a freight train.
There was alot of buffering back then and even less leaked out i'll wager!
With the massive thread going on off topic, I just wanted to make some comparison to Titanic.
The newsreels of then and now are so stark and different.
Any connection or opinions on this subject are greatly appreciated.
Respectfully, Don
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
I think you'll find quite a few similarities. For one thing, Titanic was an event that was reported as it happened...within the limits of contemporary technology...and had the same impact IMO. Think of those crowds photographed outside of the offices of White Star and The New York Times, all of them wanting to hear the latest information as soon as it came off the presses.

The difference today is that if something happens, we can actually watch the event live on CNN or Sky News...and a lot of people do.
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