Memorial Arrangements for Walter Lord

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Aug 29, 2000
It has already been posted that the New York memorial will be Monday, June 10th at the New York Historical Society 12-2 p.m. Speaking today with Mr. Lord's secretary, she feels confident that anyone wishing to attend will be able to be seated at the service. A number of speakers have requested to pay tribute. In lieu of flowers, donations are encouraged to the Historical Society, New York Society Library , Union Settlement or South Street Seaport (Ocean Liner Museum will soon merge with this latter institution). All of the above have websites. On June 15th, at Greenmount cemetery in Baltimore, there will be an internment of ashes next to his parents, Henrietta Mactier Lord( aged 76, ) who passed away in 1959, and John Walter Lord, who died in 1920 at the age of 64, when Walter was only 3. Gilman High School in Baltimore will hold a service prior to the internment. A memorial stone will be designed for either the cemetery or a memorial at the high school. After considering the situation of Titanic today, it was felt it would not be an ideal resting place. A plaque was also decided against for similar reasons, and that he wrote on many other historical subjects. People will want some place to visit, leave a flower or pay respects. I was told there was a niece, however upon further checking, the young woman helping with arrangements is the daughter of one of Walter's schoolmates. He was an only child and leaves no immediate relatives. The executor is the son of a Yale classmate. The ladies who cared for him are understandably sad at the great loss, his secretary says it is very hard to pass the empty chair in his writing room. Calls continue to pour in from around the world, and the desk is piled high with cards and correspondence. I will be attending the service next Monday- and by request, wearing red- this is to be a celebration of a remarkable life. "Mr. Lord would not have wanted black," they told me today. Will do my best to post a good account of the proceedings.

Jason D. Tiller

Aug 20, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hi Shelley,

Thank you for that information. Do you have an address for sending a sympathy card to?

Best regards,

Dec 31, 2000
Thank you very much Shelley, I am sure that all of us here minus one, can't wait to hear from you.
As always, thank you for sharing with us.


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