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Does anyone know if there is a memorial for any of the musicians who played till the end when RMS Titanic sank??
There are two more in Australia. One is a bandstand in Ballarat, Vic, and the other is a bandstand in Kadina, SA.
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Thanks for that info Dave. I went and looked them up as I didn't know about them. It seems a lot of their fellow musicians were touched/affected by what Titanic's musicians did that night...hence many of the memorials put up by other musicians. Links to the 2 you mentioned.
Titanic Memorial Bandstand | Monument Australia

Titanic Bandstand Replica | Monument Australia

also while looking this up I came across something I also had not known about. The collision of an Australia aircraft carrier and a U.S. Navy destroyer which killed 74 of the sailors on the destroyer cutting it in half. Link below if anyone is interested.
H.M.A.S Melbourne - U.S.S. Frank E. Evans | Monument Australia