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I leave my house at 6:30am and do not get home until around 8 or 9pm each night from my job.
Absolutely no posting from me here on the ET Board has ever been posted by me from my job, ever. It is not allowed and so I do not do it.

I have only had my computer since July and only posted here since around September I believe. Thats on average about 9-10 posts a day or about 1-2 per main topic.

I do not think that it is due to not having a life that I post so much here, it is that I write for a living and can write a lot at one sitting and I read all posts on all threads whereas many here stick with only a few threads.

Yes, I post a lot, but I also take the time to encourage alot and to listen to folks too. I offered to do research for folks and some laughed at me. But over time I have spent time in places where others are not allowed and have with no solicitation sent never before gotten items for people and just sent it to them without their even having asked me for it and at my own expense.

My kids are gone. I am not married. No spouse looking over my shoulder and I thought that this was a place to enjoy and become friends... to discuss Titanic.

I guess that someone of my limited intelligence and social standing needs to leave the Titanic to those who are of a higher class of people than a person who would share books and cheesecake recipes and encourage new and seasoned writers or who has posted some of the more technical questions here and encouraged some rather deep discussions.

1000 posts in 100 days is 10 posts per day since September 1, 2000 (about 104 days). In my free time,...that is simply not a lot in regards to the numbers of main topics with lots of threads here. I deal with more than that at work.

Too sensitive? Naw, its the holidays Phil and I guess that I had thought that I was among friends here. You have limited space, just ask me and I would stop.

But I am sorry I trashed your site and I will seek out the other recommended site. Thanks.
er Maureen, I think that in collecting your wooden spoon you have picked up the wrong end of the stick!

Maybe I could take another quick poll. Who out of our 570 members could conceive of the forgoing as an attack or criticism of Maureen*&!* Come on, hands up. We are just having a bit of fun, we welcome you and all your posts. And I don't mind if someone posts once or a thousand - er better make that ten thousand times

So let's perhaps avoid the intoxicating liquor of introspection and hyper-sensitivity and relax - (Phil lights patchouli josticks and Satie tinkles in the background)

Didn;t take the wrong end of the wooden spoon and did not take it as an attack on Maureen at all. As a matter of fact, responded in kind to your post at first.

Yes, it was an eye opener and the chart hurt a little at first , but I joked about it. It has been the reaction to the chart that I find troublesome and the impression that posting here two or three times a day or more is a bad thing or that those that do have no life are abandoning their families.

There are folks out in this space whose lives are not filled with friends and the warmth of the holidays and need to throw themselves into this bit of cyberspace.

And there are folks out in this space who have spouses who bug them about the horrible amount of time that they spend on Titanic and are anything but supportive. You are very lucky Phil, but some are not as lucky.

To point out that out of about 500 users that a chosen ten have collectively posted about 25% of all posts and assigning them the title as message board junkies places those people in the position of time re-evaluation perhaps due to pressures and only places them under more of a burden to not join in. (whether that is what was intended or not).

But I appreciate your posting here and will try to chill out for a while, but must go out and buy the satie tinkle and take up drinking to satisfy the other recommendations.

Hyper-sensitive? Didn't take it as a personal attack on me, but perhaps did take it as an insult of people like me as folks with a valueless life who post useless information ....let;s put it that way. Cause in an other thread you suggested to another 900 club member that he "take the warning"....I did not understand that I guess...cause you say that in other situations and then the person is cut off.

The comments about the chat room elevated my input to that of chit chat and that hurt. Was I causing a problem that I had no idea about,...I did not know. Were you serious or joking...I did not know.

In most cases I would email you, but this is something that I feel needs to be understood. There are a few people who have less than supportive spouses out there and constantly complain about the time spent with the "Boat people"...but to me the third place position and below are not ridiculous amounts to post or spend time here and people need to understand that.

I've got to go to work, but thought I would respond...not because I want sympathy, but I wanted you to understand. Perhaps a code in serious messages or the use of smileys when you are joking would be helpful.

Perhaps it is my American election training that has so confused me....who knows but my need to be obedient to your rules outweighs my common sense at times.

I demand a SILVER SPOON! And Filet Mignon! Auntie Mame has quite a life but I LOVE love love my Boat People- trivia, fancy duds, funnels and ALL!


Who out of our 570 members could conceive of the forgoing as an attack or criticism of Maureen*&!* Come on, hands up.

.....|||.|||.|||...... Well, in all fairness, Phil ...
.....|||.|||.|||.|||... It does seem a bit insensitive if you
..|||.|||.|||.|||.|||... indeed didn't mean to issue a subtle
...|||||||||||||||||||... warning. Now, I haven't been here
....|||||||||||||||||... that long, but I immediately took
......|||||||||||||.... this as a "word to the wise" myself.
........||||||||...... (Note to self: "Don't over-post!")
After all, if the Queen shouts "Off with his head!",
one wants to be assured that she's smiling!

By the way, what does *&!* mean?
Phil - Gorgeous :) I'd insist that my long term swilling around the board means that my posts go up at a lower rate than the very front rankers, but then then if you averaged out the word count I'd tip the waffle-o-meter.

Your points are, as always, well made (and I don't think intended quite as they were taken). 'Course, I know I need to count on you to remind me every now again that a digression, even when couched in snazzy italics, is still a digression - but you do it with a light touch and sense of humour, so I take it in the spirit it's offered.

Bloody hell though...I thought I was cutting down....!!

~ Ing

PS I'm just happy I'm beating Cookie

I feel very badly that you are so personally slighted by Phil's list. Mo, you are very much valued, just as Phil said; I love reading your posts and I know others do too. Please don't feel picked upon.

I truly cannot imagine Phil meaning to hurt you or anyone. It was a joke only. We all take things too hard sometime and at this difficult family time for a lot of us, the tendency is acute.

I am the first one to admit I take things the wrong way quite often here on ET (or did) - do you remember the awful lashing I gave dear Geoff Whitfield? I wish I'd have simmered down before I took such umbrage because now I know I was quite wrong. He didn't deserve that. I am very embarrassed over that and I've tried to make amends.

Maureen,I just do not want you to feel the least bit "out in the cold" so to speak. We ET folk are your friends. We are a family. And we want you to stick around!

All my best for the Holidays,


Phil said,
Hi Karen,
At 42 you're not even keeping pace with Maureen's cheesecake recipes.
That's because Maureen has alot more to offer the board than I do(including cheesecake). Maureen knows what's going on and asks all the interesting questions. If I had more to offer I'd have 1000 posts without thinking twice. I wouldn't take offense to the numbers Maureen, it just means(to me)you're more interested and have more to offer. Karen
Dear Randy and Karen,

Just wanted to say thanks for the kind comments and also the supportive nature of your posts.

Dear Phil and everyone,
I am not upset with Phil nor do I think him a horrible what is it ...a ratbag. No, I just think that when Phil talks that people listen and if you read carefully the comments, most have taken what he has presented here as a "hint" to back off the posting...but it appears from his own posting that that was not his intention. Karen has not taken it that way, but some have.

I absolutely love this board, the webmaster and the membership and I believe that Phil does an excellent job here. I do not want anyone to think otherwise.

I apologize to you, Phil. You deal with a lot from us and you did not need this extra burden.

BTW, Randy, I do have something that I wish to snail mail to you so if you could send me your address it would be most helpful. Thanks. Mo.
Hi Maureen

Glad to hear you don't think I'm a ratbag!
I apologise if I hurt your feelings with my comments about your posts earlier. That was not my intention at all. I posted the list because I thought people would be interested. We've all benefited from your insight and enthusiasm over the last few months - so keep those posts coming!

Randy, I didn't know you felt bad about our difference of opinion! Please, please, please stop it this minute! I wasn't in the least upset - I thrive on a good argument and greatly valued your own opinion.
Nah, I say Randy and Geoff should go at it hammer and tongs (don't express regrets, Randy! Declare you meant every word and think Geoff should have been thrown overboard with the tea). Bring on the next stoush, I say!


(Nyah nyah, Geoff...I've got more than 100 posts up on you ;-) )
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