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Thanks Phil
But I think that you should provide jello and a large vat so that folks can go at it(WWFJF) World Wide Federation Jello Fighting....I know that I for one would pay big bucks to see that.

It certainly would up the access to your site if say Inger and I were to get into a vat of jello with only thongs on.

Now see, I can post something interesting without mentioning cheesecake! ;)

Happy Holidays Phil!
PS-I saw the word ratbag used once, could you tell.
It certainly would up the access to your site if say Inger and I were to get into a vat of jello with only thongs on.,, it wouldn't. Indeed, I think that would put the quickest halt to site traffic on record (fervently nodding heads here from Phil and co who have met me).

Ratbag is a tremendous word (popular Aussism). I wear the Ratbag badge with pride.

Thanks for your reply Inger. You are always a good sport. Hope you have a happy holiday in your many travels.
Well, I respectfully disagree. I think Phil did throw out a fat pitch to us "junkies." For myself, I couldn't believe that I posted that many messages in such a short period of time. I'm definitely cutting down on my posts. It's time to turn the mantle over to Nienke, Hildo, J.J., Mr. Pickles, Andy, Ben and a new wave of buffs. Besides, I can't think of anything else to say.
Dear Joe,

I have noticed an interest and coordination of information beginning among folks regarding PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disease) among the passengers. Even Phil Gowan made a comment on your thread regarding suicides and mental insitutionalized victims on a new thread you started to add to your list. This is great information Joe and it wouldn;t have begun to form into a sort of database of information if you have not posted your thoughts and continued that first thread onto the one we have now.

I think of you as an expert in this area. And how many posts that you made to this board are in reference to this? 20, 30, more? The mantle is not a passed along to another generation type of thing, but something that is shared by old and young alike. What if some of the passenger/survivors had felt this way...or even Lord...what if he had refused to share information on his boosk movies etc and passed the mantle on to say Cameron? I say they both have equal importnace to our story here.

From 08/01/2000 to 12/11/2000 is a total of 133 days. 178 messages, that figures out to 1.33 messages per day or 9.31 in a seven day week. Yes, 178 messages is a lot of messages, but that is not a lot when you figure all the threads and topics that there are to cover and your interest in not only PTSD but also Titanic2001 project in San Francisco and other things you post to.

I think that Phil did throw out a fat pitch to us "junkies" as well, but I do not think that it was done intentionally. And I do believe that he is sincere in his feeling that it was not his intention to hurt anyone.

Joe, I for one would miss the contributions you make to this board and those you wish to pass on the mantle to need people like you to mentor and guide in many ways.

I respect your descision Joe, I just ask that you reconsider.

Dear Joe,
Your letter on this string is interesting. Why should the new or younger members take over the board as you well deserved people are doing a great job, I do not mean this to sound patronizing but the new and young ones have like myself learnt a lot from many people on the board. I think judging by some of the things new people come forward with is just a new angle to a lot of questions that have been put forward, which in any line of thinking is a good thing sometimes.

By the way, why do you call me Mr Pickles and not Graham when all the other people you speak about you call by first name.

Can I also thank you for the welcome to the board, It was much appreciated.

To Maureen (cheesecake) Zotolli I thank you for your kind message also and hope as I am sure many others do that you stay with us and keep posting as you have a refreshing outlook on life as well as very valued comments regarding a lot of topics.

I know what it is like to be down and believe me if you let it get a grip you will find it hard to pull back, but with you're personality I am sure whatever it was you are strong enough to come back fighting, so go for it gal and post more than before and win the whole turkey next time with silver spoon or even maybe the gold!
Inger, you may be 100 posts up on me, but I'm the guy who's organizing the Gala Dinner at the BTS Convention - so be very careful my dear!!
Geoff, you lovely bloke, have I told you lately how brilliant you are? How much I value each and every one of your golden words? was with you all the way with your Randy stoush? How I will always side with you on everything? How the quality of your posts far surpasses my waffleridden musings ;-)

BTW, ta muchly for the latest ADB - and I wasn't so anxious to rip it open that I didn't notice the note on the envelope :) Many thanks.

(Who looks around for someone else to stir, now that Geoff holds power over her...)
What in the devil is a "stoush," my dear Ms. Sheil? Sounds ominous. I AM "stout" and used to have a "stash" and can at times "stomp" and "sting" but I don't know that I've ever had, been, seen, or known a "stoush."
Randy, I'm begining to think that the word 'stoush' does not exist outside Aussie-speak. It means, well, a fight. Used to use it a lot in politics, whenever there was a bit of a blow-up...'oooo! A stoush!'. Or 'I got into a bit of a stoush on the conference floor.' It's also what Australians get up to a lot in pubs, often with their mates. I tried using it with Senan last weekend, and got a blank look from him as well.

Nothing personal in me siding with Geoff on everything from here on out, you understand - the man has power, you see...;-)

All the best,



I think Phil did throw out a fat pitch to us "junkies."

Dear Joe,

As Maureen said this may have been how my post was interpreted by some. However, at the risk of belabouring the point, it was not my intention to deter posting. Indeed, some further down the list may take it as a challenge to catch up! I'll take this episode as a reminder for the judicious use of smilies in future.

Now wait! Okay, use of unknown smileys on a public forum by a webmaster...I call foul!

Now, that I got that out of my system, how in the world do you do that Phil!?

PS-decided to take Mr Pickles (aka Graham)'s advice and go for the gold and the whole turkey award for next time.
Michael: Thanks for the translation. I'd considered that, but thought perhaps it was an unfamiliar smiley of some sort. Hmmm ...

Joe: "Say it ain't so, Joe!" Fire away, good fellow -- your Survivors Suicides thread is largely to blame for my fanatical inspection of Jack Thayer's confusing demise accounts. (See "When and Where did _____ Die?") I'm really beginning to wonder about some of these "clear-cut" cases.

Graham: Meaning no offense whatsoever (really!), I believe Joe may have inadvertently hit on something here. Think of the marketing possibilities of simply trademarking your name -- what a product logo! (Just remember me when the royalties start rolling in, OK?)

Phil: Now you're talking! That judicious use of smileys certainly does break the ice. (However, that particular one looks vaguely like a crazed, hungry beasty ready to devour, so please do use with care.) ;-)

Maureen: I see where Phil got the smiley. Look left on your screen (under Documentation/Formatting). There's a list of graphic formatting tags that includes that one.

Seasons Greetings to All!

P.S. And note: Jack Thayer's birthday is coming soon -- Christmas Eve!
Thanks for the feedback.

I didn't mean to imply that I'm writing my obituary for the board, or criticizing others for their levels of participation - - but I agree with Phil's, concededly innocuous, "junkie" characterization - - as far as I'm concerned - - I think it's time (for me) to cut back just a bit on the posts. In fact, my thanks to Phil for bringing it to my attention. The family has been giving me lots of flack about Titanic, too.

I called Graham "Mr. Pickles" because at that time I couldn't remember the first name. I suppose it sounds like "Mr. Green Jeans" or something, but that wasn't the intent.

We have an excellent group at ET, but I think it is great that many new people (including, especially, people from outside the U.S. and Great Britain) are becoming members, posting interesting items to the board, and guiding new discussions.

For example, it is interesting that some of the members of the German Titanic Society, whom I have contacted, maintain a different (and frankly, I think, a less idealistic) view of the Titanic story than we do on this board.

It's hard to perceive the extent that bias affects our perceptions about this disaster. There's bias arising from, inter alia, interpretations set forth in the extensive collection of publications that have proceeded us, in the limitations of the resources at hand, in the persona that the principals inculcated back in 1912, in the persona that relatives of victims and survivors inculcate today, and in our idealism for this story and its victims.

Probably the bias that I disagree with the most is the perception that the Titanic story is something that happened back then, in 1912, and doesn't happen today. Or that, somehow, the way people acted back then was different - - that we aren't like that today. Despite our intense scrutiny of the facts, we have become so detached from Titanic that we perceive it as an epoch. In fact, everything in the story is with us today. The negligence, the taking of risks, the callousness, the excuses, the cover up, the concern for commerce and profits over the sanctity of human life, etc. Titanic is a microcosm, not an epoch.

Take care, everyone.
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