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I loved the jpg's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But they're not labeled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH

Who is everybody??? Is Senan in any one those pictures? I recognize Phil, and Pat, and Inger, and I think is that Brian Meister?

Could someone P-L-E-A-S-E label these or something? I'm going crazy over here...

And I'm so jealous - - I want to meet everybody too.

Thanks Ben for "nosily" pointing this link out to me, I deeply appreciate your hospitality. And - no problem on the nosing, I am glad you did.



Pat Cook

Hi, Teri,

Enjoyed reading your post. For what it's worth, my stuff is mainly comedies and mystery comedies, with the obvious exceptions being my Titanic plays.

Regarding the archival photos, maybe I can be of some help. Most of those photos are from the British Titanic Convention which I wasn't able to attend, much to my dismay.

However, if you go to this photo:


they are as follows.
Front row (from left to right) kneeling;
Roy Mengot, Senan Molony, Katie Rosen.
Back row (from l to r) standing:
Inger, Phil G., John Clifford, me and Phil H.

We had a grand time and I got a rush just from viewing the photos again.

Best regards,

Ah hah!! I finally got a glimpse of that Mr. Molony! You have blessed me today once again with your kindness! How sweet you are! I have been waiting for some time to see a photo of Mr. Molony and some of the other Board members. I'm swingin on the line over here. Thank you Pat, for identifying one of those photos and labeling who is who.

What date was that photo taken at the British Titanic Convention? You got a rush, that's fantastic. It is probably the same rush I got when I looked at the photo. Hmmmmmmm.......

Now, Ben-

One more word to you. I don't know how you found those jpg's but I can only surmise that Mr. Hind hid them somewhere deep in the underbrush of ET. I am at fault for not searching a bit longer for them, however, I did not know they existed so how was I to search for something I don't know exists? What a perplexity, huh?


Teri Milch

Ben Holme

Hi Teri,

Glad to be of help.

I happened upon the link whilst browsing through the "archived intros". I believe it was on one of the few occasions when I couldn't post messages for some reason and I when had little else to do. I found the link in Phil Hind's intro under the "Archived November 17th" section.

BTW, In the 11th and 12th jpgs from the top, Senan Molony is the bloke on the right, Phil Gowan is in the middle, and Brian Meister is on the left.

The photo in Cook's link was not from the BTS convention, at least I don't think it is.

Teri, you can also catch a glimpse of Senan Molony on the next broadcast of Discovery Channel's "Titanic's Real J. Dawson" special.

Ben & Kyrila,

I am overwhelmed with happiness today, truly. I have met some of my silly simple goals in regards to pictures. Thanks again Ben.

What is the time, date & channel for viewing Senan on Discovery? Kyrila, uh, I realize that you're in a different time zone so could you possibly give me a tiny bit of hint as to when it will be its expected released?

I will need to start checking the TV Guide at this point since I do not watch much tv. Who has time for tv when one is busy posting here anyways?

Teri, they rerun programs all the time. You just have to check your local listings. I'm on the East Coast (Florida). So any information I have may not be valid in your area.


Paul Rogers

Hi Phil.

Regarding the new Message Board format.

Firstly, I think it looks pretty good. I have one problem however: I can't find the shortcut to search for "New Messages." (I ended up going via Help: Getting Started/Searching the Board/New Messages in the end.)

There must be a quicker way! What am I doing wrong?

Mr. Phil,

When I signed on to ET this afternoon I thought something was wrong with my browser, but upon further inspection found your new format to be of uh - 1st Class development! I like it! I like it! I really got so used to the background of less-pixels before that I hadn't thought anything could look better than that, but you surprised me of that. The pages load faster too, so would imagine you cut out unnecessary graphics for faster page loads. Your site development talents far exceed mine, that's for sure.

Nice work, Mr. Hind. Nice work with the frames too.


Phil, I think it looks good too. It's a lot easier to read.

One minor point though, it might be nice to put on an icon somewhere so you can get back to the main page.

Michael H. Standart

Philip Hind

Staff member

Thanks for the comments, I wanted to bring the message board closer to the general ET look. At the same time there we've got about 10% more message screen. If you are having problems with the new layout please let me know.

There is a safe run off area for those attached to the old system here

I still have a bit of tweaking to do and would appreciate any suggestions.

One thing I'm trying to fix is the message and user totals on the front page.
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