Michael A Findlay

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Dec 13, 1999
This message is intended to Mike Findlay.

Mike: I sent you several messages in the last few months but never received any replies. I was wondering if you changed your address or only because you don't have the time to respond to every single message you get.

If you did change your address, feel free to contact me personally to [email protected] to tell me the new one.

Thank you, Mike.

Charles Provost
Dec 12, 1999
Dear Charles,

I apologize for the break in communication. I'm afraid that I receive many requests for information on the Titanic's passengers and crew. This is no joke. My name, and that of the Titanic International Society, is given to those who visit the RMS Titanic exhibitions around the world. You can imagine how inundated our society's post office box is!

On top of that, my fellow researcher, Robert Bracken, and I, are working on an upcoming book about the Titanic's passengers and crew. We wish we could share more material on the ET, but if we sent everything we had, there would be no book to write.

I have your address, and the accounts you requested - Futrelle and Schabert - are on the way to you. I was in Quebec this past weekend - I could have delivered the material personally.

Thanks for your patience.

Michael Findlay
Dec 13, 1999
Dear Michael,

Thank you for your message. It's nice to hear from you! I understand your position in face of all those letters and requests! Hint: You should get a second email address, this one only for close friends, fellow researchers, or selected silly people like me!

You've once told me about your upcoming book, I certainly am looking forward to read it. I'm hoping against hope your book will reach the Quebec area. I don't know if I have already told you, but there is a possibility for me to be the co-author of a book about the First Class passengers of the Titanic, but the idea is still in a project state. I perfectly see why you and Mr. Bracken don't want your information to be given to a website, Mike. We feel the same.

Thousand thanks for sending me those accounts. I am really eager to have them in my hands. You living in New York, it will not take much time to reach my house. Thanks again. I love to see my personnal collection growing up, and Mrs Futrelle/Schabert's recollection of experiences will make it even better.

I hope you'll be able to email me when time permits. Best regards,

Charles Provost

Wendy Joy Wyeth

Dear Michael

I understand you are a very busy person but do you know if it is possible to get a crew list of the Olympic. Also how do I go about finding seamans records.

Yours Wendy
Jun 10, 1999

For what it's worth, I want to thank you for any and all attempts you may have made with Arnie Gellar & Associates. To be frank, I am holding out with hope that George Tulloch and Son, along with Mr. Nargeolet will be re-united with RMSTI, upon the passing of the 18-month hands off order.

The *new* and *updated* web-site is a huge dissapointment. The management merely changed the format, and reused photographs previously shared by Matthew Tulloch. What are they hiding from us? Or are they just computer illiterate? How can they starve *US*, who have for been so staunch in supporting their salvage endeavor...starve us of our need to see updated photographs of our beloved "Queen of the Deep"?

It is my hope that as a somewhat acting mediator, perhaps you can instill the urgency. My numerous well mannered enquires still go unanswered. Is their a chance you could personaly forward, this my furthur sincere attempt of request?

I know that I am not alone in my desire.

Thanking you again Sir for any message that you may have relayed.

Michael Cundiff
Carson City, NV
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