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Cornelius Thiessen

I know this is'nt Titanic related but alot of us here are booklovers so here goes. I found this article in the New York Times online, so sad what happened to this rare collection of books

Oct 13, 2000
A sad story Cornelius. The volume of volumes that have been lost to fire and other disasters natural and manmade over the centuries boggles the mind. A lot of these books were probably one of a kind and are now lost for good.

Probably the greatest single loss of books in history is the infamous burning of the Library of Alexandria. The library was purported to have something on the order of half a million "books" (they would in reality have been scrolls). These were titles by some of the greatest minds of antiquity, and most were the only copies that are known to have existed.

Who was responsible is one of the greatest whodunnits in history. All we really know for certain was that by roughly 20 BC, the library was gone. The blame has shifted at various times, depending on who was in power and wanted to blame whom. At various times the blame has fallen on the Christians, the Moslems, and even on Julius Caesar. No matter who really did it, it ranks up there as the single greatest loss of knowledge in the history of humanity.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T
Jan 7, 2002
Plus when the Spanish invaded Central and South America, Aztec pictograph scrolls were deemed the 'Devil's work' by the Spanish, and were burned on bonfires- so nearlly all the written history of the Aztecs has been destroyed.
so most of Aztec-as well as Maya culture and history-went up in smoke.


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