Mighty Mo opens turret No 1 for public view

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From The Navy Times:

By William Cole - Honolulu Advertiser
Posted : Sunday Jan 21, 2007 16:13:17 EST

FORD ISLAND, Hawaii – Gun turret No. 1 on the battleship Missouri is a rotating, steel-encased enclosure the size of a living room fronted by 16 inches of armor and triple 16-inch guns.

The barrels, each the weight of a space shuttle, could hurl a nearly 1-ton high-explosive round up to 23 miles with an accompanying hellstorm of muzzle fire – enough to incinerate the deck if the guns weren’t pointed broadside. On the receiving end, the shells would blow a hole 20 feet deep the size of a tennis court.

In 1991, during Operation Desert Storm, the Mighty Mo sent 784 rounds screaming into Iraqi-occupied Kuwait in a complex orchestra involving more than 75 men per gun turret and a conveyor system sending up the big rounds and bags of powder from several decks below.
For the rest of the story, go to http://www.navytimes.com/news/2007/01/gnsmissouri070121/
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