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I've been looking for Mildred Brown for a few months now and have managed to get no feedback on her. Does anyone know what became of this woman after the disaster? If anyone has details please contact me.



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I came on this site for my State Standards in English. We have to do a report on the sinking of the Titanic from a survivor's point of view. I think this is a great site for finding this information. I'm doing Amelia (Mildred) Brown. I think it will be a great report and that everyone interested in the Titanic should visit this site.
I have seen Mildred Brown's name appear on certain first class passenger list, yet she doesn't appear on ET's first class passenger list, so does anyone know what happened?

Whether she was on the Titanic at all?
If she was actually travelling in a different class?
Or if she didn't sail at all on the Titanic?
Leigh - Heres a bit more information on Mildred that may be of interest to you.

BROWN, MISS AMELIA MARY (MILDRED, MILLY). Saved in Lifeboat number 11. Lived at 152, Abbey Road, London, N.W.
Employed by the Allison family (see 'A' First Class) as a Cook/companion. Aged 18 years. Shared cabin with Selena Rogers.
(From The Emergency and Relief booklet by the American Red Cross, 1913).
No. 55. (English.). Housemaid, 21 years old. Awarded ($100).
Insurance claim B108. Property $283.61 cents.
Born August 18th 1893 (Ref. Register Book no 327 at Kennington Sub District Office).
After returning to the UK she later married, September 12th 1931 to one James Barrow, Company Director of M. Ralph, paper merchant of Upper Thames Street, London.
She passed away June 30th 1976 without issue.

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Hello Mary and Brian,

Actually, the fact is that only God knows
the actual date of death for Amelia Mary
Brown Barrow. When I located the death certif-
icate for the lady some years back, and then
discovered her death notice, I was careful to
note that 30 June was the date she was found
deceased in her home. They were unable to
narrow down her exact date, as she had not
been visited by family or neighbor in some
days. This is one we will never know for sure,

Merry Christmas,

Brian M


Re: Amelia Mary "Mildred" Brown

I think that this was very fascinating and that you gather a lot of research and I am touched by it.

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