Millvina Dean coming to United States

I just read in another newsgroup that Miss Dean would be attending an autograph convention in Washington DC in May of this year. Its good to hear that she is gaining her strength back.

Jason D. Tiller

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Hi Darren,

That's great to hear. Thanks for posting that.

Happy New Year to all!

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Sounds great Darren.
Any information on where in DC it will be held: locations, date, sponsor?

I know one gentleman, who lives nearby. He'll love to see Millvina, again.

BTW, there are a few tributes to Titanic, in the DC area:
1. Washington Cathedral: A tribute plaque, now in the basement gift shop, for Archie Butt;
2. In front of the White House, Constitution Avenue side, is a tribute fountain to Frank D. Millett and Archie Butt, by "Their Friends in Congress"; no mention of Titanic;
3. The Women of America Memorial, near Fort McNair; and
4. In the Caucus Room of the Russell Senate Building, a tribute plaque, for the many famous hearings held there (Watergate, Iran-Contra, Clarence Thomas Confirmation), with the first being "Sinking of the Titanic", chaired by William Alden Smith.
BTW, one hearing, in the 30s was chaired by then Missouri Senator Harry S. Truman.

Also, in the Smithsonian's American History Museum is an Exhibit called "America's Maritime Experience". Featured in it are noteworthy ship disasters and the lessons learned.
Titanic is included, with the lesson being "more lifeboats". That one even includes a movie poster from the 1952 film.

John Clifford
However, I don't think Millvina will be planning any trips in to Outer Space.

However, this will give new meaning to the term "An Event that's 'Out of This World'".
Just one item:
Not to be nitpicky, but the statement: " her ONLY U.S. appearance !!
Milvina Dean
Youngest survivor of the sinking of the Titanic"
is rather misleading.

How many times has she been at a U.S.-based THS Convention?

I think this may be her first time in Washington DC, though.

John Clifford
We may even find that Millvina doesn't know she is going herself! Countless times she has been advertised as "Guest of Honour" before even reciving the invitation! Last time I spoke to her she had experienced difficulties with an hour long internal flight and vowed "never again". I assume that she will be flown Business Class which might make a difference to her and Bruno's comfort as opposed to the sardine can confines of economy class! I do hope that she is feeling well enough to make the journey - she's a hard lady to defeat!


Millvina has been to Washington, DC. A friend of hers who works for the FBI gave her the royal tour of the agency about five years ago - and of the capital's many tourist attractions. She has a framed photograph of her visit to the FBI along with Bruno hanging in her hall. The two of them are pictured with federal agents, and Millvina is posed holding a rifle. She enjoys showing everyone that picture! After her tour of Washington, she visited the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and loved the autumn foliage that was spreading through the range. She still writes of her wonderful memories of that trip - one of the highlights of her many visits to the U.S.
She has also been to Boston and New York City twice, New Jersey, St. Petersburg, Florida, Los Angeles and Kansas City - just a few locations that I remember anyway. I know she's been to Canada also.

Millvina and Bruno are remarkable people....may they be granted many more healthy years....

Mike Findlay
I think Millvina loves everyone. She is such a wonderful person - never refusing an autograph request or a visitor. She even enjoys some of the more stranger requests. One fellow desired a lock of her hair and Millvina could not understand why. Friends persuaded her not to and she eventually turned down the request with a kind apology. Even today, she chuckles but hopes that she didn't hurt his feelings by turning him down.

One chap journeyed from the U.S. to Millvina's home to have her autograph a linen tablecloth that contained signatures of thousands of famous people including U.S. Presidents, Royals, movie stars, noted sports figures and such. Millvina felt somewhat out of place signing such an historic relic but she was informed that her name was equally important - and she proved it by signing beside Eleanor Roosevelt.

To think that for years Millvina shunned all connections to the Titanic leaving her brother Bertram to be the family spokesman. Still somewhat surprised by all the attention, she has grown accustomed to it and accepts her historical place in history. She has become one of the most beloved of the original 712 survivors of which she was the youngest.