Millvina Dean

On another Titanic forum this morning, Brian Ticehurst announced that Millvina Dean had a close encounter with a revolving door at a new shopping center in Southampton, fell and broke her hip. She underwent surgery and according to Brian is in a great deal of pain but alert and joking. I know all of us will want to remember her in our prayers.
Phillip & Michael,

She is indeed in a great deal of pain and is having daily physiotherapy. Flowers are shortly on their way to her, but as they keep moving her around, have not yet been sent. She is keeping cheerful and making the best of the situation in true Millvina style!

>>She is indeed in a great deal of pain...<<

With a broken hip, I don't doubt it. Glad to hear she's upbeat and even joking. A positive attitude makes a big difference in anybody's recovery. Hope you can send her our best wishes if possible. We're all rooting for her!

Michael H. Standart

Inger Sheil

Sorry to hear it (and someone better teach the shopping centre door better manners).

She's a class act all the way - deals with people from all walks of life (and a few from the loopier fringes) with inimitable style and grace. Good to hear that her sparky sense of humour goes undiminished.
I wholeheartly agree with all of you on mrs. dean. She needs our prayers for a full and quick recovery ,and its important to let her know that everyone one here on the message board thinking of her, and hope that she will be on her feet soon jennifer mueller

Tracy Smith

I hope she is up and about, and back to her old self soon.
Well if you wish, you could go through the passenger lists that can be accessed on the index page. Each listing includes the ages of the passengers. Millvina's biography can be accessed HERE.

She's had quite an interesting life. Happily, she's still with us.
Many of us have had the great joy to meet this splendid, wonderful, GRAND Lady.

She's currently the youngest survivor.
I have not checked the full list of passengers' ages. However, the other infant, that survived, was 9-month old Trevor Allison. He, sadly, died in 1929, at age 17.

I do hope Millvina will be with us, for many wonderful years.
When she reaches 100, I will pay for a tuxedo for Phil Hind, so he can arrange a party, to honor this lovely lady.
Phil: I'll also pay for the Champagne.
Yes, it will have to exceed the numbers provided for the 2000 celebrations for the Queen Mother's 100th birthday.
Ing, Jenna, and Eric will also have to be there: my way of especially thanking them for seeing me, last July.
Mark your calendars: FEBRUARY 2, 2012.

Phil: I'll leave the 2025 Celebration, for Elizabeth's Centennial Celebration, to those who portrayed her predecessor namesake (Glenda Jackson, Judy Dench, Cate Blanchett, etc).

John Clifford