Milvina Dean

Peter Hurst

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I recently watched the Titanic Phenomenon Video ( View Point Productions) in which Ms Dean is interviewed and clearly states that she remembers being put into the lifeboat by her father....

But your excellent site would put her age at the time at about 2 months only. Do you think she was fabricating the story ??

I read recentl a dcoumentary book which claimed that the name plates had been switxched in Belfast with the Olympic and that ther may have been an insurance fraud involved. Do you anything further on thses issues ??

Philip Hind

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<!-NOTE: Message edited by 'admin'-!>Hi Peter,

Don't talk to me about that video! My first and last TV interview.

I don't remember Miss Dean's comments but interviews usually indicate that her "memories" result from what she was told about the disaster by her mother.

I don't think the switch theory has much credibility amongst serious researchers. But it did the trick when a certain author needed to promote his books about the sinking.


Darren Church

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I have a signed print of the Titanic. Millvina Dean has signed it along with Edith Haisman. Can anyone tell me if they are both still alive. Are there any survivors still living Today?

Will my print be worth a lot of money today? Ther were 850 limited editions sold.

Thanks for anyones help.


Mark Bray

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Millvina Dean in still living and is 88 years of age. Edith Brown Haisman died on 20 January 1997. She was 100 years old. I would think they would be worth a little bit of money, but I am no expert.

There are five survivors of the Titanic alive today:

Millvina Dean
Lillian G. Asplund
Barbara J. West Dainton
Michel Navratil
Winifred Quick Van Tongerloo

Millvina is the only one who still participates in any Titanic activities. All the others do not discuss it and wished to be left alone. Hope that helped!

Mark Bray

Darren Church

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Thankyou Mark for your help. Im suprised that there are still five survivors still living. I have my print hanging now in Sydney where I now live, I immigrated from the UK last year. The print which is framed takes pride of place after travelling nearly 12 000 miles with me.

Thanks again

Darren Church

Jane C. Griffin

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I have a print of the Titanic signed by Survivor Ms. M. Dean. (I'm presently in another part of my home and do not recall spelling of her first name.) I'd like a biographical of this lady. She was 9 weeks old when the Titanic went down. I recently returned from Las Vegas where I saw a Titanic Exhibition. This has "sparked" me to get going on my research of Ms. Dean in connection with my very prized signed print.