Alexander E.

First I should say that I'm a big Titanic fan for around 10 years now. Around 1 year ago I found the following Indiegame and was impressed from the start. Its basically a big creative editor with some role play elements. Who doesnt know Minecraft can get the necessary Informations here:


Now to my project. First of all I already tried a few months ago a 1:1 replica of the Titanic but abandoned the project because of problems with the hull. Now after some third party programs came out in which you can import 3d models from Sketchup I've tried it again and so far I have completed the exterior of the ship and fully furnished A and B deck. Due to the size of the blocks (1 on 1 meter) there is unfortunately a lack of detail but I really tried my best to recreate every room so far.

Here is my project page:

If you already have Minecraft I hope you will try it. So far I spend around 3 weeks of work in this project. If not enjoy the video and screenshots
I will update it till April and will then release a full version of the vessel to "celebrate" the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the ship.

Nicolas Roome

I saw several mentions of this project over the last months or so while Googling around! Its very impressive. Hope you get it done, and dont give up. I know Im not on mine.

Keep up the great work!

(I might have to sign up for Minecraft when its done to check it out)

I noticed you based yourself on the blue prints by Bruce available on the Discovery site. Did you check out his two volumes, 'Titanic - The Ship Magnificent' ?


I've been building a model of Titanic in Minecraft (XBox 360 version), including all interior decks.

Sadly, everything is made out of 1-meter blocks, so the accuracy is a bit off. I've had to eliminate or contort a few staterooms. I admit I made up a few details where I couldn't find any information.

I still need to make the reciprocating engines, but other than that it's complete from the top of the funnels to the boiler rooms (sorry, the top of the masts got cut off). Unfortunately, the plans I had to work with were from the Olympic, so there are errors I think you can see this in the video when I get to the Turkish Baths. I did extend B Deck and added the private promenades.

After Christmas, I'll look into uploading the file so that anyone with Minecraft on their XBox 360 can take a stroll around.

Titanic minecraft tour - YouTube

It's been a pretty engaging project. If I can get my hands on some engineering diagrams, I might make a more accurate model in a different platform, but that's a long-term project. I've sent to Harland and Wolfe for information, but as yet no replay. Does anyone know where I can get accurate builder's plans? I'd like to examine the steam systems and engineering catwalks.


Still in progress, I'm building one deck at a time from the Bruce Beveridge blueprints. Right now I'm working on F Deck.

I built a model before on a smaller scale (about 1/3 smaller scale). In this model 1 block is one cubic foot, which allows me to build with much greater accuracy.

Here is a timelapse of the 3rd Class berthing on F Deck, in the 3rd watertight section. The hatchway shown is the #2 hatchway, below this is the 3rd class berthing on G Deck.
Titanic Construction Minecraft, F Deck, Section 3 - YouTube

It's about 5 minutes long.


he Tim,
you have done an exceptional job with this ship, it is possibly one of the best Minecraft Titanic's I have ever seen. I have tried many times to make my own but it always ends in disaster one way or another. you should be really proud of it and I cant wait to see it when its done.

keep it up


Thank you. I don't have quite the time on my hands at the moment, but I'm sure I'll finish someday.

If you want to make your own, here's my basic technique:
1. Get a map of each deck scaled to the same size. I have each deck as a layer in GIMP (Photoshop), and I've lined them all up by hull frame numbers.
2. Scale the images so that 1 pixel = 1 block
3. Build it deck-by-deck, section by section. If I find I've gone a block too far somehow, it's less work to undo. Never let a mistake outside of a section so that the overall ship is unharmed.
4. Use the watertight bulkheads as absolute positions. (Don't say "This room is 20 blocks long", say "This room takes up 50% of the blocks between these two walls")
5. As you build a section, line up the doors and stairs first.

Now what we really need is a 3D Printer.



a 3D printer is a really good idea, I do have the technical layouts and designs of the ship and may be a little embarrassed to say that I in fact have a few but no matter how hard I try it never turns out I am up to my ninth now and am using multiple tutorials and merging them together and it is turning out kinda well. my brother managed to build all three ships exactly as the plans said and each with their unique differences. I love he Titanic and would simply adore the thought of being able to make it but it is just so difficult. it is just a hopeful suggestion but if you ever found the time could you make a tutorial for this, I might be asking too much of you and im sorry if I am but it could really help the pathetic minecratians out there.



I only have time every once in a while, I can't believe it's been 3 years since I started.

Just finished the primary bulkheads on D Deck (Just missing the subdivision of the 1st Class staterooms).

Stern to the 2nd Class aft staircase, including #5 and #6 hatches, aft 2nd class staircase.


1st Class Reception Room, featuring base of Grand Staircase and grand piano in the background.


1st Class Dinning Saloon

Stern (Port side of the ship is open to allow viewing)



Hi everyone!

I know people think minecraft is just a videogame for 10 year olds but hear me out.

I've spent the past week and a bit making this Titanic in Minecraft. It's 1:1 as close as I can get it, however minecraft does limit me somewhat. So far, I've spent over 48 hours on it and used over 45,000 blocks to construct it. It's my biggest project yet. It's the correct dimensions, and yes, we have a full interior with every single room decked out fully, from the bridge to the engine room in the stern. Around 95% of deck layouts are correct, again, limitations. I also extended the staircases all the way from Boat Deck to the Boiler Room to encourage people who get the map to explore and learn. If there's enough interest I'll post some interior shots, but until then here's some exterior ones I took.
Thanks for reading, I'll be happy to answer questions or anything else.
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So, as I said, "I only get a chance to work on it once in awhile."

Well... embarrassing... but doing all the furniture in the 1st class staterooms block-by-block made me start to think "Gee, wouldn't it be nice if there was a copy-paste function"

So I, er... well I wrote my own voxel editor (which is where I've been for the last 3 years).

I've finally started construction on the Tank Top. This is about 6 days of building. It's pretty awesome walking through the boiler rooms in Virtual Reality. Scale can be changed in-game, so this video includes 1:4 scale, 1:1 scale, and 1:25 scale.