Miniature Cherubs under Main Staircase Levels

Okay guys so we all know that Under A deck on the Front First Class Staircase and under B deck on the Aft First Class Staircase, cherub newel lamps adorned each side of the stairs. These cherubs are believed to be the casted ones like the smaller one recovered in 1987, which a photo of C Deck on the Olympic Clearly supports. Recently, this video was uploaded to Facebook by one of the modelers for the game "Titanic Honor and Glory" which depicts that this smaller cherub actually had a partner, both holding one lamp. Is there evidence of this, or photos?! Here is the link -Richie
I did not follow the work of "Honour and Glory" and did not watch the video so can not say much about it. But I know that after the picture of the Olympic C Deck landing was published a few years ago there was some discussion about it and it looks that the photo show actually 2 cherub holding one lamp. I think what we can say is that C Deck seems to have this one.
[From what I see (I might be wrong) the small cherub recovered from the Titanic wreck is of a different type and might have been holding a lamp alone.]