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Adam McGuirk

May 19, 2002
Hey I was just wondering if any of you could send the 96 CBS miniseries Titanic script. Ive heard it is much better than what was filmed.
Thanks, Adam
Mar 18, 2000
The original script to the 96 miniseries, has very little to do with what was filmed. Other than being on the Titanic of course. Completely different characters being used, entirely different sub-plots. There is about as much in common between the original script, and the finished film, as there is to Cameron's Titanic.

Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
Here are links to the original Ross LaManna screenplay, parts one and two:

Bill is absolutely right that there's very little resemblance between this and what was filmed. We have working class Brit Alex and wealthy American Suzanne, for example (rather than the star-crossed Catherine Zita Jones character Isabella). The Goodwins have a large roll (replaced in the filmed version by the fictional Jacks). Was good to see a bit more time given to Hartley. The New York incident also got a look-in. Guggenheim and Aubert have quite a few scenes.

Here's some great lines from Lowe that did make it in similar form to the final version:

LOWE: Look, I'm not about to lose my stripes the first day out. Even if it would break my record of losing 'em the second day.

The description of Lowe seems to owe a lot to Wyn Craig Wade:

Fifth Officer HAROLD LOWE (28, Welshman)approaches. Lowe is smart, aggressive, an up-and-comer. But the very traits that make him a natural leader make him a difficult officer: he
hates following rules, he's short-fused, and he's outspoken.

I can't imagine Lowe 'losing his stripes' the second day out - his pre-WSL references all stress that he was a good deck officer, very sober and attentive to his duties. I've come across no record of any demotion, although he did get bumped up on occasion!

Although the scene is in this original version, at least we don't get the atrocious editing that had the Rappahannock morsing warnings of ice before the ship has arrived in Queenstown...


Aug 10, 2013
Saint-Étienne, France
Went back to read this screenplay.
Contrary to what was filmed, Andrews is there. They seemed to have been inspired a lot by 1979's SOS Titanic, as he forges a friendly bond with May Sloan.
Also I was glad they included the Navratil family.
It was supposed to be really better than what has came to screen!
Maybe we should use it and film it for a YT fiction!

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