Miranda Wyeth

Nov 16, 2003
My name is Miranda Wyeth and I am really interested in all things Titanic. I also particuarly interested in finding out information on the late James Wyeth. You can contact me at Fictionmir@hotmail.com, on here or at my website at 1000stars.com.

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Hallo, Miranda and welcome. I'm afraid there isn't much known about James Robert Wyeth. He was Southampton born, aged 25 and had a wife and one daughter (Isabel Annie and Gladys), who were given assistance by the Titanic Relief Fund. They lived at 14 Milbank Road, Southampton. James' body was not among those recovered and identified, but he is mentioned on the memorial stone of his daughter, who seems to have died young and is buried in the Old Cemetery, The Common, Southampton. The inscription reads in part: "In Loving Memory of Gladys Lily Beryl (Gladdie), the dearly loved only child of Annie and the late James Wyeth"
Sep 4, 2012
Hell Miranda Wyeth, I'm Jennifer Moorey the great niece of James Wyeth my grandma is his sister Edith. If you do not know the family I will give you the info I have JAmes is the son of James and Kazia Wyeth(Barrett)
James Wyeth born in Wootton St. Larence Basingstoke 1857 and married Kazia Barrett born in Woolston Southampton 1858 the had several children.
1- Beatrice
2- Matilda
3- Arthur
4- Elizabeth
5- James
6- Richard
7- Edith
8- Edward
Their first home was James cottage in South Stoneham and the moved to 84 Princess St. St. Mary's Southampton. There are several of him great neices and nephew in Southampton, united states of America, and Canada. I grew up in Southampton most of the family lived in Northam and move to other parts of Southampton. In THornhill where I lived as a child there were several family members. On HInkler road there was George Moorey my family, The Bill Randel family a nephew,Carol Wyeth an neice and her family and a Wyeth who I think may have been his daughter or sister by brother is trying to remember who it was but she was a older lady and was my fathers cousin. On Farringford road in THornhill one of his neices Stephanie Aunt Beatrice's daughter lived with her family. I now live in Canada a nd come home every few years to stay with my cousins from the Wyeth family we are the grand children to Edith Wyeth James sister. Feel free to contact me any time.

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