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Jan 14, 1998
i am asking if there is anyone who may possably be able to help me as i have in my possesion certen docamentation concerning the titanic ie; the daily miror news paper reporting the dissaster [the real macoy] also a signed statment of a passenger who watched the ship go down and goes into detail he was on one of the life boats[one of the lucky ones i suppose] this statment is and was used in court and witnessed in a court of law, also docamentation of a claim for compensation for a man who lost his son on the ship, it also shows how much he was awarded, i also have a copy of a list of deaths with names and addresses and so on, also a real letter from the national seamens union to the marintime in refrence to the way 3rd class passengers were treated during the sinking because priorty was given to 1st class passengers [ie lifeboats,]and i also have docaments of how the americans are critasizing white star and the british maratine board of control stating the ship was given clearence to sail to soon and there for not ready to sail. im sorry for my poor spelling. if there is anyone who can help me or give me some direction on where to go then please could you? thank you. philip

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Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
What kind of "help" or "direction" are you looking for, philip?

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