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Sep 19, 2002
Good morning all. Moderators, I apologize if this thread is in the wrong forum - I didn't see a 'general books' forum.

My wife is a U.S. Navy Lieutenant who is now on shore duty, and as such has some reference books for sale. We're moving to Japan (she's a JAG) and we're trying to lighten the load. <grin>

The books are as follows:

Naval Shiphandling, 4th Edition. ISBN 0-87021-474-8
Principles of Naval Weapons Systems, 4th Edition. ISBN 0-87021-537-X
Introduction to Naval Engineering, 2nd Edition. ISBN 0-87021-320-2
Seamanship: Fundamentals for the Deck Officer, 5th Edition. ISBN 0-87021-613-9

If anyone's interested in any of these, please email me at [email protected].

Thanks in advance for putting up with my post.

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