Miss MEA Norton (Mabel Martin)

Many people that were passengers of lifeboat #6, including Major Peuchen and several other first class ladies, recalled a woman, Mrs M. E. A. Norton, who pluckily took the oars during the night of the sinking. I searched everywhere but cannot find this Mrs Norton. Peuchen gave her address at the Senate Inquiry, 'Apsley terrace' or something of that effect. I should read again his account and post Mrs Norton's address later. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you Michael! You got it. I checked in her biography and Miss Martin's address is given as 'Apsley Villa', Horn Lane, Acton, London. Exactly the same as Major Peuchen gave at the Inquiry for 'Mrs Norton'. I don't know why but I was searching in the first class passengers of boat #6 and I did not check properly in the crew. Thanks again.


Ben Holme

For "Miss Norton" read "Miss Margaret E. Martin", second cashier for the A la Carte restaurant who escaped the liner in boat #6.

Presumably, the confusion over the woman's surmane originated from Major Arthur Peuchen's testimony to the American inquiry when recalling his fellow boat occupants:

SMITH: Do you know who these women were at the oars?

PEUCHEN: I know one of them.

SMITH: Give the name.

PEUCHEN: If you will excuse me, I will have to look it up. (referring to memorandum.) Miss M.E.A. Norton, Apsley Villa, Horn Lane, Acton, London.

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Dear Mona and Ben,

The lady to which you are referring did
exist, as Ben has pointed out. However, her
name was, in fact, Miss Mabel E Martin.
I have two examples of her writing out her
name as Mabel, as well as her children re-
lating their mother's name as Mabel after
her death in 1960.
As you are aware, Miss Martin held the
position as 2nd Cashier in the Cafe Parisien
and escaped with the Head Cashier, Miss Ruth
Bowker in Lifeboat 6.
Hope this helps.

Brian M

Ben Holme

Most interesting, Brian! Many thanks for the tidbit Re. Miss Martin's christian name. For some reason, I've rather glossed over the two cashiers. I've always thought both women remained fairly elusive post-1912.

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Dear Brian and Ben,thanks so much. I'm sorta new at the research and to the message board and I love both. Ya'll have been so much help. Mona
Hello Margaret - here is my print out on Miss Martin - it may help a bit:
MARTIN, Miss Mabel Elvina Elizabeth. Saved in Lifeboat number 6. 1 Apsley Villa, Horn Lane, Acton, London. Occupation - 2nd Cashier (Ritz Restaurant). 20 years old. (Born in Acton). First Voyage.
Marconigram sent 18th April 1912 to: Miss C. care Thomas Cook, Piccadilly, London, England. ''Don't worry, all saved. - Elizabeth''.
Marconi signal placed at Carpathia's Signal office but not transmitted - no time.
E., T. Cooks, Piccadilly, London. Saved.

Cheers Brian