Miss Minahan vs Lowe

Paul Rogers

Jun 1, 2000
West Sussex, UK
I am by no means any sort of expert on Titanic, but I read ET and this Message Board daily, and always manage to learn something new about the tragedy on each visit.

Until this thread commenced, I had given very little thought to the character of Lowe, or his actions before, during and after the sinking.

I feel very grateful to both Ms Sheil, Mr Shomi and Mr Behe for sharing their well-researched theories and information, (my opinion!), regarding the character of Lowe. Although each holds differing opinions regarding Lowe's character, all parties have expressed their arguments both logically, humerously and with clarity of style. Some others posting here have also done the same, and have contributed positively to the debate.

I have also learned a great deal from the others contributing to this thread who have resorted to personal invective, mainly against Ms Sheil. What I have learned from these people has little to do with Lowe's character, but has a great deal to do with their own.


Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Inger, you all just keep up the good work...and let me know when that book of yours comes out. I want it! ;-)

Re Lowe; my focus has been on technical details of the disaster and the ship itself so I haven't devoted as much attention to personalities as I need to. At the risk of being too general however, Lowe strikes me as being very much a man of his time, good points, bad ones and all. To judge him by our own standards seems a bit of a straw horse. As for his manners, anyone objecting to them has to remember that he had the trivial matter of a ship sinking beneath his feet and then keeping a lifeboat full of stunned and agitated(understandably) survivors to deal with after the fact. Being nice was not a luxury he could always afford. Having been in the Navy for twenty years, I've had to deal with crisis situations from time to time. A fire that gutted a machinary room on the USS Ranger back in 1983 for example. Beleive me, you do what you HAVE to do FIRST, and if a few feathers get ruffled, well that's just too bad. It beats being the main course for the John Jaws and Sam Salachii.

Michael H. Standart
Sep 1, 2015
Portrayal of Officer Lowe

Hi, I am no historian but I think Ioan Gruffudd did an amazing job portraying officer Lowe that it did seem realistic with his facial expressions if ever you saw the movie, in my opinion. I bet he was really sensitive seeing those bodies frozen in the water. Maybe he was angry because he was scared like everybody else that not everybody could be saved!? He is a human too.:)

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