Miss Sinkonnen, Miss Honkanen, Miss Andersson

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Weert Schomerus

Please if Miss McNulty and Mr. Gowan can help. I would like information telling me when the Finnish ladies died and if they had husbnads.

In gratitude
Weert Schomerus
Mar 10, 1998
Hi Weert,
Am afraid I can't be of much help on these--have not tried to track Sinkkonen or Honkanen as yet but will get to them eventually. I assume you are asking about Erna Anderson and I've had some success with her but as yet don't have final information on what became of her. The information about her settling in Michigan appears to be erroneous though I found a marriage record indicating that she did marry a Mr. Johnson. But I have other later records on her which lead me to believe they divorced. I tracked her brother down--he is buried in New Jersey but I did not find Erna with him. Maybe before long I'll have more on her. The brother left one child and probably her descendants can shed light on what became of their Aunt Erna--IF I can find them.

Sorry I couldn't help more.