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Several national newspapers in the UK have recently referred to a catalogue of mistakes noted in the 1997 film "Titanic". The current count appears to be 152 - see www.moviemistakes.com/film.php?filmid=1299. Many of the errors are trivial or insignificant to the general viewer. Nevertheless some are worth reading about, eg the survivor spotted to be wearing a digital watch! The website can be a bit slow to load at times.
The survivor with the digital watch must have been the Time Traveller!
I just scanned the list...there must be others out there who have much more free time than I do! There's no way I could hope to see many of the mistakes that were pointed out! On the other hand, I saw some mistakes in the mistakes, and was dismayed to find that a few of my personal favourite bloopers (the flopped ship during the fly-by sequence, officer shoulderboard positions, the boiler furnace door cycling sequence, and the changing telegraph positions) didn't make the list. I was greatly pleased to discover, though, that the Irish mother and her two children made it to a lifeboat. :)

Biggest mistake.....after the disatser, did credits really roll accross the sky?
I think not......
And where did all that music come from ; )

Tarn Stephanos
There is another website devoted to mistakes in the 1997 Titanic film. Fortunately I cannot remember it. It was a bunch of posts from boys who hated Leo for making their girlfriends swoon and girls who were mad that they weren't Rose. While there were a few legitimate bloopers mentioned most were posts from people who were trying to act like they knew ANYTHING about the actual story of Titanic. One that I can remember for its absurdity went something like " There is a part where the ship is breaking in two and you can so see it is a model! If you look behind the ship you can see James Cameron's face grinning behind the fake model as he watches his effect happen."

Needless to say, I spent the next few hours on the website correcting people's mis-information and directing anyone with a legitamite interest in Titanic to THIS website. I was angry and to the point of feeling ill after reading some of the crap out there! But after flamming all of the idiots on that site I felt much better! Cheers!
I think that in both Cameron's Titanic and in the 1996 TV mini-series unfairly depicted 1st Officer Murdoch as a trigger happy goon who shoots and kills steerage passengers and then committs suicide. There is not a shred of evidence that Officer Murdoch did this. Sincerely,Jerry Nuovo

Brigitta Lienhard

I had a look at the site with all the mistakes on it. If a car came of the manufacturing floor with all those errors, it would not leave the companies lot.
What I like about the movie is when the stern goes high into the air. The starboard and port propellers are, back-the-front. What about the wine in the glasses. It does not even move with the motion of the ship. What about the wake behind the ship when Jack and Rose are on the stern. The wake behind them is from a single shaft vessel. When you seriously look at the movie, its quiet dissappointing.
The hook was the actual ship.
This discussion can be continued in the Titanic Movies forum. As pointed out by Shelley (Titanic Movies forum moderator) in an earlier post, discussions about 'mistakes' (real and otherwise) in Cameron's Titanic are well covered there. Please see the section on James Cameron's Titanic and join in.
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