Model of Lusitania

Like the model on the QE2, this appears to be a hybrid.

The Lusitania only had a handful of cowl ventilators, far aft. The full array of cowl ventilators, and the white color scheme, are from the Mauretania.

I'm venturing a guess, from the 'promenade deck' remark, that this model has the round-edged windows unique to the Lusitania.
Do you think that they could have altered this model in the 1920's to make it look like the Mauretania by adding cowl vents and painting it cruising white? or do you think it is a true hybrid with elements from both ships?
Interesting! This model sounds like a twin of the one aboard the QE2, started out as the Lusitania, but modified to represent the Mauretania after the loss of the Lucy. Cunard had three similar models (that I know of) that were purely the Mauretania, so I have to wonder, is there a third Lusitania or Lucy/Maury hybrid out there somewhere?