Model of the Queen Elizabeth in Florida

The stuff I've learnt about the Queen Elizabeth reminded me of when I was a kid and I first became interested in ocean liners. I'm undergoing a kind of personal 'Back to Basics' just now though I think I may have more success than John Major did back in '93. After the discovery of the wreck of the Titanic when I was nine, I found out that my grandfather and great grandfather and other members of my family had been employees of John Brown and company of Clydebank at the time of the building of the world famous Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth.

In July 1989, when I was 12, I went on a family Holiday to Orlando, Florida. During the holiday we went to a video game arcade which had a giant model of the Queen Elizabeth as its centrepiece. The model was about 30ft long and about 5ft high. It was in a large glass case with a string of light bulbs attached to the rigging. There were lights inside it that lit up the portholes on the two decks below the lifeboats.

I was fascinated by model as it looked like the Queen Mary but with only two funnels. I had a feeling of loss when my parent's told me it had been converted to a floating University in Hong Kong and then been totally burned out and destroyed a few years before I was born.

Does anyone know where this model is and what its background is? I've asked my parents but they can't remember the location of the arcade. We took pictures of it back in '89 but they were developed as slides. I'm going to take one of them to the developers tomorrow and try and have a print done of it so I can scan it.

Brian Hovey

Mar 6, 2002
The large model of the Queen Elizabeth was on display at the Arcade at Church Street Station entertainment complex in downtown Orlando. It was on display for several years from the late 1980's - mid 90's or so. By the late 1990's it was gone. The model looked identical to the one in the bottom photo on page 93 in Frank Braynard & William H. Millers "Picture History of the Cunard Line". The photo caption describes it as a 22-foot long scale model by Bassett-Lowke Ltd. and is pictured being moved into Cunard's New York City Headquarters where it was put on display. Perhaps someone at Church Street Station knows where the model is now. She was indeed a beauty with all the portholes lighted.
Jan 7, 2002
The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem MA owns the large builders model of the Queen Elizabeth...

sadly its in storage


Tarn Stephanos

Mike Cooper

Nov 17, 2011
There were several of these made I believe. One is in the Science Museum in London. There are two Queen Mary sister models, one is in the South Side Seaport museun in New York and the other in the Southampton Maritime Museum. They are huge and beautifully detailed

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