Model of Titanic required for BBC program

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Jun 4, 2000
Dear all,

Dave Cox of the BBC's Natural History Unit, Bristol (UK), has written in with the following request.


I work for the BBC Natural History Unit in the UK. I am researching a televison film about the icebergs of the North Atlantic and am trying to find a high quality model of the Titanic - perhaps about 5-6ish feet long to use in a studio in Bristol, England. It would not need to be placed in water, but we'd like one with working lights if possible. Could anyone out there help me locate one for a few days please. I wonder if you'd be kind enough to post my message on your boards or indeed recommend someone who might point me in the right direction please. My email address is [email protected] My UK telephone number is 0117 9747640. Many thanks for your time,
Best regards,
Dave Cox
BBC Natural History Unit
Broadcasting House
If you're able to help him with a model or a suggestion on who would have a suitable model, please contact him direct on the details provided. And please, remember that even though this is an international board with an international membership, he needs a model that's in the UK.
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