Model R.M.S. Lusitania scale 1/300 Th By Léon


Codus Lionel

Hi to you all,

Here are some new photos of the installation of wooden slats.

The hull and rough but there will be more refinement after I finish the other side I would realize the coating on the hull.

His comments well come.

Best regards

Version Franí§ais:

Salut í vous tous,

Voici quelques nouvelle photographies de la pose des lattes en bois.

La coque et grossií¨re mais il y aura plus d'affinage aprí¨s que j'aurais terminé l'autre cí´té je réaliserais l'enduit sur la coque.

Les commentaires son les bien venu.


TITANIC FORUM - My Model 1/300 th of R.M.S. Lusitania.
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Hi to all,

Updated Here are some of my model in 1/300 th.

I'm almost finished laying the wooden slats and I start the other side.

Comments are welcome.

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Best regards.

Best regards.
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Hi all here is a updated model of my 1/300 th of the Lusitania.

I sanded the Sinto iron hand on the hull and I later coated with another layer for the rest with holes to plug.

The update will soon be posted here and on other forums.

Thank you all.


Salut í tous voici une mis í jour de mon modí¨le 1/300 í¨me du Lusitania.

J'ai poncé le sinto fer sur la coque et part la suite j'ai enduit une autre couche pour le reste des troues í boucher.

Les mis í jour serons bientí´t posté ici et sur d'autre forum.

Merci í vous tous.

Sorry for all my spelling mistakes.

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