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Nick Schlüter


I'm modeling one of the Titanic engines in Autodesk Inventor, because maybe I'll have the opportunity to have it build. I've modeled another steam engine before, but there where detailed plans for it. You can take a look at it here:

For the Titanic engine, I use every picture and drawing I found in the net, but unfortunately I haven't any plans for any height-dimension. Has anyone got some precise plans where the height of the engine, the columns or the cylinders can be seen?

For now only the bedplate and the columns are done. For an impression, take a look at the attached screenshot. I'm trying to be as accurate as possible, so could anyone help me with some more detailed plans of the engines than the pictures out of the Samuel Halpern article?

Maybe I will put the Inventor-File online, when it reached an acceptable state, so you can use it.

Please excuse my bad english.



Joe Burgard

Oct 26, 2008
Sehr gut! Looks good so far.

I too have been looking for detailed plans of the engines with many detailed dimensions to do a thermodynamic/power analysis, but no luck.

I do have some plans of Britannic's engines that have some height dimensions. For example one says 11.25 meters to top of the cylinder. I also have the engine room overhead view for the Olympic. Email me at [email protected] and I'll send them to you.

Remember that Britannic's engines differ from Titanic's engines in that they have two piston valves for each of the LP cylinders while Titanic and Olympic had slide valves.

You may also try to get in contact with Karl-Friedrich Pohlmann who built a 1:20 scale model of Titanic's portside engine. At the end of the article there is an email for Robert Hahn who says he will pass along any questions to Herr Pohlmann.

Hope that helps,


Du kannst Englisch besser als Ich kann Deutsch. Actually your english is better than some Americans I know.

Lydia Karlo

Apr 30, 2018
Somewhere on this site are a fabulous group of renderings of Titanic's engine room, from top to bottom. Been trying to locate them with little success. anyone know what I'm talking about?

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