Modelling earlier liners

Nov 13, 2009
I current make model railways and in the new year and wish to start a boat train scene. This means that I will have to get started on ship modelling. I am looking to build a liner such as the white star's suevic or of the same period. I'm just wondering if everybody who is into ship modelling could give me any advice on how to get started with some of the design. I am thinking abut using brass and nickle silver sheet, as well as plasticard and glowing or soldering everything together


Bob Read

Mar 3, 2002
If any plans exist of an earlier liner like White Star's Suevic they would be in the Harland and Wolff archives currently being held at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. Their posession of this archive has been a sore subject because there is literally no access to it and there are no current prospects that there ever will be. I won't even get into the probability that the archive has already been looted so who knows how much remains.

Bob Read

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