modelling Titanic in 3D on blender and need some help


Apr 28, 2012
this is my first time in this forum and English is not first language
so forgive me !

i' m a blender user which is used for modelling in 3D on PC

now i began working on modelling some aspect of the Titanic in 3D
and i don't have all the info required to complete all the elements of this 3D model

first problem would be with the funnel

it would appear that these funnels had 3 functions
1 - Smoke
2 - fresh air going to the bottom of the boiler
3 - and gthere is another one for ash i think!

are there a y good drawings showing let say front.side and top view
so that i can reconstruct on blender this 3D model for the funnels form the boilers up to the outside funnel!

Note: i might not be able to model in 3D all aspects of this complicated and huge model
but i will try to do as much as my PC allows me whithout being too sluggish!

thanks for any help

happy blendering

Jay Roches

Apr 14, 2012
I like Blender. :)

There are lots of sources for really good plans -- the website of the Titanic Research & Modeling Association at has some. There are a lot of small things on the deck that you might want to leave out, and just start with a model of the hull, decks and funnels. There's probably Blender-specific resources for Titanic out there, since it's a popular thing to model and a great way to learn a 3d app.

There's a lot to think about for materials too... you'll be able to use bump and shadow maps for rivets, the deck, and things like that. You could use transparency maps for the railings. You could UV unwrap the hull model and paint on the portholes.

As far as the funnels, only the first three produced smoke, and they also were able to vent excess steam. So you'd need particle systems for smoke and steam. Smoke would always be coming out but it would be cool to be able to have steam venting as well. BTW, boilers running properly give off a small amount of light grey smoke. It won't ride up too fast. If the smoke is black or brown or dark gray there is a problem with the boilers.

The fourth funnel was just for ventilation, and there were a LOT of other vents, fans, grates and things for bringing in air. You won't need to model that in 3d, I don't think.

Ash was actually removed by a system of *ash ejectors* that pumped water out of the ship at high pressure. There were a series of jets, like fire hoses, that sprayed out of the ship into the ocean.

If the project seems too big you could always try something smaller... say a part of the boat deck, or the engines. Or the swimming pool, with raytraced water.


Apr 28, 2012
the only concerns i have is with the overall file and model size
cause i don't have a big PC just an average one!LOL

i already began independant models for the

main boiler room
main engine room
turbine room
and electrical room

i just completed today all the floors layout
which took me almost a week to model all the walls on all decks!

now i would be interested in more details on the electrical system cause i'm in electrical field and like it a lot
but i must admit that these old elec equipments are primitive compared to what we have now a day!

like are there more pictures for the main generators and back up generators 30 KW and where these are located ?

also more pictures for the switchgear and electrical panels
i'd like to do a medium res model for these electrical equipements

i did find some low res pic for some of the electrical equipments but very difficult to see any details!

i will open a thread on blender artist forum with some pic of what i have done up to now
be back later this weekend with the URL for these pictures

thanks for the feedback


Apr 28, 2012
abyone can help to gt more details for making the electrical or the engine for instance

any help appreciated


happy blendering