Modern Technology & Titanic

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Melissa E. Kalson

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Hello all.. This is just a fun hypothesis that I'm going to through out at you. I was reading on another Titanic site about John Jacob Astor and his love of gadgetry and tinkering with things, inventing things as well. I could imagine how J.J. Astor would have adapted to modern 21st century technology. I just bet he would have adored our modern tech, e.g. computers, faxes, cell phones. Could you just see him with his cell phone?
Anyway what if any other passengers or crew do you think would have adapted to our technology and what do you think they would have enjoyed most about our technology or least? It's just something that's been on my mind now for a few hours. Sincerely, Melissa K.
I don't know if there's an easy answer to that one. The people of that particular age put a lot of faith in technology as a means of making life better and curing the world's ills, and when you get right down to it, not a whole helluva lot has changed since then. I suppose they would have adapted quite well to the here and now once they got over the culture shock. Transport any of them to the present day, and I'll wager they would have quite an internet presence.
I think they'd have no problems at all adapting: Think how fast technology was changing in their time: - wireless, aircraft, the motorcar, medical advances... not to mention Titantic herself when compared to liners of 20 yeasr earlier. These people were living in an era that was evolving as rapidly as our own: they were well used to change.
As Michael says, they'd soon be up to speed as regards technology. I suspect it might be the social and moral changes that would cause them rather more problems...

mercedes riley

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i'm puttinG this question here because i can't find the START A NEW THREAD icon. has anyone in recent history tried to use DNA to identify any of the victims?

Breanna E Sage

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I reckon they would have been absolutley shocked to learn todays hygiene standards, what do you all reckon?
I think the standards of todays first, second and third class would also be a fairly big revelation to them also. And also to learn about racial and cultural differences and etc now days.
Mercedes, there have been several discussions on the subject of using DNA to identify the unknowns, and you can read the relevant threads HERE.

The only successful attempt was with the "Unknown Child". The problem was that of the three graves that were checked out, the burials had completely decomposed so that excepting the child, there was nothing left to check out.

Could you imagine Col JJ Astor in a commercial saying: 'Dude your gettin' a Dell!' or 'Most people don't know me, thats why I carry an American Express Card! Don't leave home without it!!'

Seriously, I thing that someone like Astor would have been perfectly comfortable with today's technology, especially computers. I think that if he were to be transplanted to our world of today, Mr Astor would be able to pick things up fairly quickly.

If anything I think Astor would have the most problems with television and stupid commercials. Oh and I forgot sitcoms, that other mindless entertainment.

Wow, this is my 100th post! I am glad to have this forum to be able to learn from and share knowledge with friends!

Brian R Peterson

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If we were to put J.J. Astor in today's world, with his money and business savvy I think he would give Bill Gates a run for his money! \clipart(grin)

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