Modern Transatlantic Crossings

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After September 11, it has become quite an ordeal to fly in the US, not to mention international flights.
Do you think all of this might promote crossings by ship? Granted, security checks for the QE2 are probably just as bad, but plane crashes resulting in 5,000+ dead would be reason enough for me to sail.
Should cruise lines take advantage of the current situation an send some ships to do the transatlantic run?

No. There are a lot of reasons for that, not the least of which is aircraft overall are still safer and a lot say nothing of cheaper.

Besides, what's to stop some enterprising young lad with a deathwish from taking a boat or tugboat load of explosives next to say, the QE2 or the Carnival Destiny?

Hell, it worked with the USS Cole.

Michael H. Standart

I'd take a plane anyday. I'd rather die quickly in an airplane crash than die slowly drowning by being trapped on a sinking ship. I am also in favor of speed.

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