Molly Browns Money


Matt Smith

What ever happened to Molly's fortune. I know she had a daughter and maybe a son. I guess that they would have gotten the money. Her daughter died in 1993. Did she have any kids? Is the money gone by now?

While I'm on the subject what about J.J. Astor's decendents? I know his son with Madeleine was some kind of playboy (as says in his profile). Vincent was older but what happened to him after his dads death?

Sorry, for all the questions but I was just wondering. If you have any info it would help me a lot. Thanks

There are some wonderful books on Margaret Brown, who was never called "Molly". That name was pegged on her by the movie. Nor was she ever called "Unsinkable". She was a true philanthrophist before and after the voyage. She helped set up a home for orphans in Denver, early on in her life. She was separated from J.J. Brown before she traveled to Europe and returned on the Titanic. It was somewhat of a healing trip for her after discovering that he had a mistress. They never divorced. He lived with his mistress for many years. She was adored by her children and well-loved by many friends and lived to a ripe old age. Even though they were separated, they often had family reunions together. She was also a very active Women's Rights activist. When she died, there was not very little money left. She was living in a small cottage on the estate of a friend on Long Island, I believe. The book mentioned heavy losses in the stock market crash. I'm sorry, I don't remember the name of the book. It was written by a member of her family; I think a great niece. I got it at the Boise Public Library last year.
From the passenger lists,
Mrs James Joseph Brown, nee Margaret Tobin
The very well known 1st class passenger, daughter of Irish immigrants.
Mr Roger Tobin, 3rd class passenger from Cahir Co.Tipperary.
Is it known if the two were related at all?
If so , is it known wether they met or knew that they were related or even did they know of the others existence on the ship?
Probably impossible to answer, but thought that someone might know something.