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Jason D. Tiller

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Hi Charles,

I don't live in the Montreal area, but I'm in Toronto; so I'm not all that far away. I've been to Montreal a couple of times and it's a beautiful city. One of these days, I'm planning to visit it again, so perhaps we could get together then.

Best regards,

Charles, I have also been to Montreal and am looking forward to returning there: I will be taking a vacation to Eastern Canada next September, and I will be in Montreal for two days (heading to and returning from two of Quebec's resorts), and I hope we can get together. With luck we can convince Jason to come up to join us; same if you can make it down to Toronto.

Jason D. Tiller

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We'll have to think of something...

Yes, we will. As I'm sure you know, there are several Titanic connections in Montreal including the memorials to Charles Hays, Thornton Davidson and Harry Markland Molson in Mount Royal Cemetery. I've never seen them, so that would be a great place to visit.


With luck we can convince Jason to come up to join us; same if you can make it down to Toronto.

I'm definitely up for that and as John said, if you can make it to Toronto, Charles, I'd be happy to show you around.​
Charles, Jason, I will privately email you with my itinerary for next August and September.

Jason: you will definitely have to see the Mont Royal Cemetery sites, plus the Canadian Railway Museum (to tour the Hayes Railway Car).

Charles: I need to contact the Travel Agent/Coordinator who arranged the 1999 THS Heritage Tour VI; he arranged a wonderful dinner for our last night; will have to get the name of the restaurant: it's near the Casino on, I believe, the Isle Saint Helene area. The tour group was originally going to have lunch there, with dinner at the Le9 Restaurant; that was before we learned that Eatons was closing, and Le9 was not open for dinner. I'll have to dig out the THS Commutator that has the article on Heritage Tour VI, for the restaurant name (hint: it does have a ship model in the lobby).

I also promise that, when we are at Mont Royal, I will not start a rendition of "I Whistle a Happy Tune", nor one for "Getting To Know You"; I don't need the hate-mail from Marni Nixon, nor having Mont Royal's most prominent resident "spinning in her grave".
I took care of my itineraries for next year. Hopefully we can arrange a three-some get-together for next September: Charles, Jason, and myself. Any other listmembers are more-than-welcome to join us.

Jason: you will enjoy seeing the Maritime-related graves in Mont Royal: not only the Hayes and Molsom plots, but also the Allains, whose two daughters died on the Lusitania, and another family who were lost on the Empress of Ireland.
After that we'll have to show you the grave of Anna Leonowens. Either Charles or I will get the cemetery data for you.

Tomorrow I will look for the THS Commutatot that featured the 1999 Heritage Tour VI tour. From that I will have to scan some of the images.
Charles: You will likely recognize the restaurant featured as the site of that Tour's Farewell Banquet.
When I was at Mount Royal cemetery I picked up an interesting booklet listing all the notable people buried there. Olympic gold metalist George Hodgson is also layed to rest at Mount Royal. Odd way of thinking but when I am in a cemetery looking at notable graves, I am thinking to myself that its only after someone is dead that an average person is able to get that close to someone that famous. I know all of you wanted to know that.
Charles, I wonder if we can get together, as I will be in Montreal on September 12th, and on the morning of the 13th.
Then I will be back in Montreal on September 21st.
Do you live far from Trudeau (formerly Dorval) Airport?
Here's some interesting news I received this morning. It came from a travel agent who, in the past, coordinated several tours and Convention venues for THS.

I asked him about a restaurant in Montreal, where the THS tour group had their closing dinner, at the conclusion of THS Heritage Tour VI.

The name of the restaurant was emailed to me, at work, and it included a pleasant surprise:
"The name of the restaurant, in Montreal, where we had dinner that night during the Empress of Ireland tour is: Helene de Champlain

It is located on St. Helen Island, site of the Montreal Exposition. And...I understand that in addition to the ship model they had when we were there, they have now added a model of the TITANIC".

I will be in Montreal on Tuesday, September 12th and then on Thursday, September 21st.
I will definitely have to get over to Helene de Champlain, for lunch or dinner on the 12th (when I fly in from Toronto) or dinner on the 21st (after driving in from Montebello); will let everyone know if the TITANIC model is there.

Now if I could just get the Mayor of Toronto to send over to Montreal a "specially chosen City delegate", to research certain city aspects, then join me for lunch or dinner. The tour of Mont Royal will be my treat.

Jason D. Tiller

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Hi John,


Now if I could just get the Mayor of Toronto to send over to Montreal a "specially chosen City delegate", to research certain city aspects, then join me for lunch or dinner.

Yes, I think that can be arranged. But I wonder who will be chosen...oh wait I!

Seriously, I'd love to do that and I'll take you up on your offer.​
Quick note: I had lunch at Helene De Champlain on Ille St Helene (forgive me if my attempted French spelling is awful), and they do have a model of the Titanic in the lobby of the restaurant.
They also still have the model of the SS France on display, too.

The Titanic model was unveiled in 2000, after the owner of the restaurant built it himself.

I'll definitely head back for lunch or dinner at Helene De Champlain when I return to Montreal on the 21st.
Quick note, I visited both the Mont Royal Cemetery and the Railway Museum yesterday.

At the Railway Museum I noted that the Hayes Edifice is no longer open.
In October 1999, a THS group picture was taken in front of that building.

Also, the Hayes rail car was not displayed; it may be in storage at the moment; will have to check on that when I return to Montreal.

PS: Yes, this is off-topic, but My condolences to the people injured in yesterday's shooting in Montreal.
Hard to believe it, but I drove by Dawson College around 10:00 AM yesterday; nearby roadwork had created traffic jams, which likely added to the chaotic situation.
My prayers to the shooting victim and her family, and best wishes to the recoveries of the others.