Moody with others?

Aly Jones

I've never seen photographs of 6th officer Moody with other officers and family members. There are only portraits photographs of him only in his unifrom and one in casual wear posing on his own. He was 5th officer on a smaller vessel
before titanic, so how come there is no photos of him posing with other officers and family members?

Thanks to anyone that has any answers.
I was at sea for 18 years and have very few photos of that time. I would say that the number I have from those 18 years is well overshadowed by our daughter's thousand that she's taken of herself since 8am this morning on her phone.
For instance, despite her years of service, there are no photos of Olympic's enginerooms or boiler rooms.
Even in the late 80s when I left the sea, all we had were "point and shoot" cameras with a film roll with 12 exposures. Very few had 35mm cameras unless they were photography buffs. Most photos were of piss ups in the bar or a few taken on runs ashore. Any photos of junior officers on liners would have been for a specific purpose and probably by the ship's photographer as few people owned a camera in those days. Probably the main reason why there are no shots of Titanic sinking!

Aly Jones

I understand your daughter has done more pics in the morning than your career. Haha.

Just made aware moody did have family photos with his siblings.

Boxhall had photos taken on the oceanic officers quarters with the other officers, Considering olympics long career, you would think there would be some photos like that as well, but there is none.

Were you an deck officer of a cruise liner?
No Aly, I was an engineer, not a Mate. I was only on one passenger ship and a few passenger cargo ships years ago. Most of my seafaring life was on tankers and bulkers and the odd container ship.