More info on this image of Moody please?


Aly Jones

Hello there,

I've never seen this image of JPM before on WIKI, IT'S a new image. ( I hope I havnt broken any copy rights rules) (image isn't mine, I've found image on wiki).
There isn't any information regarding said image on wiki, so I would like to know more, please-: When was this image taken? How old was JPM in this image?
It appears it might be right before he set sail on the ill fated titanic?

Check out his smile- in most other images he has a frown,
but not this one. What a rear FIND- WHAT a GEM!

Thanking you,



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Dave Gittins

Dave Gittins

The photo is credited to Inger Sheil, a learned lady who used to frequent this forum. She has many connections and possibly obtained it from relatives. There is another good photo of Moody in her book, Titanic Valour, a biography of Harold Lowe. Get it!