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jaime ryan neeley

hi everybody!!! i just want to know the following because i'm currently making a Titanic model based on my own designs and research:

a. what are the basic measurements of the Grand Staircase and of the Palm Court?
b. What is the height of the raised roof of the Lounge and Smoke Room on Boat Deck?
c. what is the height of the Funnels? masts? anchor crane on the bow? docking bridge at the stern?
d. what is the size of the dome over the GSC? what are the heights or measurements of the columns found aboard especially the GSC area and Dining Saloon?

Hoping to get a reply from you folks!!!

Jason D. Tiller

Aug 20, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hi Jamie,

Welcome aboard! I'm not sure of the exact measurements, but your best bet is to visit the Titanic Research and Modeling Association. The site is a gold mine of information on building a model of the great ship.

Best regards,


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