More officers as Titanic victims

George GJY

Jun 9, 2015
In the event that more officers on the Titanic perished on the Titanic for some reason [and for the sake of discussion and lifeboats, we keep every survivor who was not an officer or a sailor on the Titanic the same], would they have been considered as suicide suspects ? And, what would be the impact of the Titanic Inquiries with one to four less officers to provide their accounts? In this case, would the people know about the actual fates if the officers if all of them perished in the sinking and the bodies sank?
[For the sake of possibility and lifeboats, we have extra sailors surviving, but the survivors from other crew departments and the passengers remains the same as otl, to ensure the evidence provided is roughly the same. Of course, if five or more of the officers died, would the officers be considered as valiant heroes and have memorials dedicated to them?]
[For the sake of discussion, we assume that the extra officer didn't make it to the lifeboats or Carpathia and die there later. The last moments would have to be unclearly observed and the bodies, if recovered, had to come without identification, with dubious identification and heavy damage from water and injuries if recovery of bodies is possible in such circumstances.
[The closest would be Lightoller, but we can also include an extra officer as well, preferably Pitman.]
So the officers lost would be something like this at the very least [it can be more than this]:
Captain Smith
Murdoch [All fates similar to reality or approximate]
Lightoller [Maybe he gets shot accidentally or commits suicide, or more likely drowns or dies from hypothermia. [Perhaps he didn't fasten his lifebelt or get sufficient sleep in this scenario.]
[Otherwise, guilt over his thinking or a lack of decision or speed in escape should doom him as a victim.] And, could a lack of sweater cause fatal hypothermia before reaching Collapsible B?
Pitman and/or Moody [Ordered to remain on the ship for either one or both, otl fate of Moody for the same officer or Pitman].