More passengers died on Eastland than on Titanic

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On July 24, 1915, a 1,961 ton, 269 ft. passenger steamer docked at a wharf in Chicago - - turned over on its side. The ship's name was "Eastland."

It's intriguing to note that more passengers died in this disaster than on Titanic. A total of 841 died, versus 829 on Titanic. However, only 3 Eastland crew members died, versus 694 on Titanic.

Overall, only 34% of Eastland's passengers died, while 62% of Titanic's died. According to the Eastland site, 90% of Titanic's children died. Does anyone know if that statistic is correct? It seems too high given the "women and children first" theme in the Titanic disaster.

Also, the Eastland site ( says that the family of John Jacob Astor were paid between $30-$100 million - - does anyone know anything about this payment? Why were Astor's beneficiaries paid so much, and by whom? An insurer?

For more on Eastland, check out the above site, or my webpage ("Shomi's Eastland") at Some of the pictures are quite graphic, so beware.
The 90% figure is way off. The split was near enough to 50/50. One first class child was lost and 53 third class. Even the third class lost less than 90% so somebody is simply telling porkies.

I suspect the bit about Astor is plain invention. The wealthy did not claim for deaths, though some claimed for property losses. Apparently it wasn't the done thing to claim for the loss of a person who left millions. Astor's heirs inherited about $100,000,000 in all. His son Vincent got $87,000,000 and arrangements were made to care for Madeleine and he unborn son as long as she stayed unmarried.


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Am I missing something here??

I am puzzled by the fact that this site apparently states that "A total of 841 died on Eastland, as compared with 829 on Titanic" and then claims that the Eastland's figure is higher than Titanic's loss!!

Well call me stupid, but as far as I was lead to believe, the TOTAL number of deaths on Titanic was over 1500 !! Or have there been some dramatic developements in the conspiracy theorists back rooms that Im not aware of?
Am I missing something or what??

Joe's talking passenger losses, not total. I believe the total loss of passengers on Empress of Ireland was also greater than on Titanic.
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