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Michael, I guess you have a good point. That is no small achievement, getting those boats away. There is still evidence that he was cautious that night, but maybe not as much as we all think he was.
Believe it or not, Captain Smith, prior to the Titanic, had never, ever been involved in any sort of accident and had no experience in handling a crisis. Smith even told a reporter that he made a poor topic for a story because his career had been so uneventful. After bringing over the Adriatic over in l907, Smith declared that he could not think of anything that would cause a ship to founder. Modern shipbuilding had gone beyond that...

What a mockery that seems in retrospect.
Wasn't Smith in two accidents prior to the Titanic, wasn't he the Captain at the time of the HMS Hawke incident? Although this doesn't even compare to the Titanic sinking, he was involved in at least one accident. There was also they tugboat that was almost sunk by the Olympic. I don't really like how Captain Smith was portrayed in Titanic(1997) though I though he looked very much like the real Captain Smith. I don't like how he seems as though he is in a daze after hitting the iceberg. It makes it seem as though he did nothing to help. Not at all what I pictured Smith doing on that night.

Smith indeed had been involved in accidents before Titanic. There was the Hawke incident, and there was at least one grounding several years before that. I'm thinking there was another grounding, but I'd have to check to corroborate that. At any rate, his career had not been totally unventful and spotless before the Titanic disaster.
Sorry -- You're right Tracy and Trent. This was Smith's first time handling one of these superliners and it was obvious that these mammoth liners were a bit much for him to control. I'm only quoting what I knew from that ominous interview. It really mocked him as the greatest ship he ever commanded was sinking beneath his feet.
I'm a bit late for this thread, but anyway:

My vote for most accurate looking Smith goes to Bernard Hill, with Laurence Naismith in a close #2 position. Naismith was just a little too young for the role, I think, and IIRC, his beard wasn't completely white.

Bernard Hill was the best-who cared if he needed makeup-he looked almost the same, that makes him the best-I saw a photo of him compared to the real smith and i was like "wow, thats almost the same person!"
I think Bernard Hill looks like Smith when comparing photos of him as Captain Smith to the real Captain Smith